Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 17 June 2021 Written Update – Jaya apologizes to Raghav

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 17 June 2021 Written Update – Jaya apologizes to Raghav

The episode begins, Pallavi tells Raghav to never bend so much that he breaks down. Raghav promises her that he will never do this again and asks her to take some rest.

Jaya thinks about everything Pallavi told her about her and Raghav’s relationship. She is restless thinking that she has done injustice to Raghav. She thinks that she wanted Pallavi to correct Raghav, but she actually brought her son back to her.

Vijay thinks what Pallavi told him that she is breaking all ties with that family. He tells Milind that he doesn’t want to do anything with Pallavi anymore. Sulochana tells Vijay that Pallavi was lying about her and did nothing, but Vijay does not believe her. He says that if he doesn’t stop lying, he will throw her out of the house. Mansi takes her mother’s side. She says Pallavi and Raghav do whatever they want and no one tells them anything. She tells Milind not to defend Pallavi.

Jaya goes to Raghav’s room. He asks her why she is upset. She tells that she was there not only as Keerti and Arjun’s mother, but as his mother. She apologizes for his behavior towards him for the past ten years. She says that she was so consumed by his grief that she could not see his words. She apologizes for leaving him alone in his time of need. Raghav gets emotional after hearing Jaya’s arguments. Jaya tells him that she is not responsible for the death of her brother and grandfather. Raghav breaks down and they cry over their issues.

Raghav tells Jaya to check the quality of the diamond. Jaya is shocked to see his talent. Jaya is shocked to see Pallavi’s picture in his office. She tells him that she has come to apologize to him only because of Pallavi. Pallavi opens her eyes to the injustice done to her. She asks Raghav if Pallavi is happy in that house. She says that they have forced her to compromise. Jaya says that there should be love in the relationship between husband and wife and not compromise. Raghav says he sometimes feels that they are getting closer. Jaya says that Pallavi pretends her happiness to make others happy and if she is unhappy in this house, she should let her go to Kolhapur. He should free her without any conditions. Raghav is upset but agrees. Raghav asks Farhad to do something for him.

end of episode

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