Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 17 June 2021 Written Update -Darsh is jealous of Ritesh

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 17 June 2021 Written Update -Darsh is jealous of Ritesh

At the beginning of the episode, everyone is happy to see Darsh and Nandini together. Nandini asks Darsh if he has taught April? He says yes. Later Ritesh comes and he feeds Nandini sweets. Ritesh tells Dars that he knows that learning PRAIL is so difficult but, Nandini learned it so quickly. Shobhit says that obviously it is easy for her to learn as she is very comfortable with her teacher. Shobhit says this to make Darsh jealous. But Darsha does not get jealous. Then Rajvi tells that she is going to prepare food.

Vipul is packing his bags, Rajvi asks him where he is planning to go. He says that he is going to Mumbai to meet Vashisht. He says whatever Nandini has done for Dars today, it makes him cry. She says that when everyone was against the marriage of Darsh and Nandini, but she always stuck to it and now she realized that no one can love Darsh more than Nandini. Later Shobhit learns that Ritesh is leaving for Okha. He gets upset and angry. He wonders if now he will create distance between Darsha and Nandini.

He asks Nandini about this. Nandini says yes he leaves from there. Just then Rajvi comes and says that Ritesh is not going anywhere. She says that she overhears Nandini and Ritesh’s conversation, so she asks him to stay with them at the resort. Shobhit is relieved to hear this from Rajvi. The next day, at the breakfast table, Nandini gives the last biscuit to Darsh. Ritesh then says that he thinks that she will give him that last biscuit so that he can get an irritable wife. Everyone laughs at this. Darsh then tells Rajvi that sometimes Ritesh gets so irritated.

Rajvi tells her that she is very sweet. Rajvi then learns that Mr. Vashisht is in Maldives with his family, so why has Vipul gone to Mumbai? She also confirms the meeting over phone and finds out that there is no such meeting. Rajvi wonders why Vipul has lied to her and goes to Mumbai. Later, Darsh is furious when Shobhit lies to him that he sees an entire album with Nandini and Ritesh’s pictures. Darshan also sees Nandini and Ritesh talking to each other. He tells Nandini that he feels that Ritesh gets irritated sometimes.

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