Ishk Par Zor Nahin 16 June 2021 Written Update – Grandmother decides to kill herself

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 16 June 2021 Written Update – Grandmother decides to kill herself

At the beginning of the episode, Ahaan stops Ishqui and drags her to him. Ishqi says that she will miss her flight. Ahaan says that he cannot let her go and he gets down on his knees and apologizes in front of Ishqi. Ahaan tells Ishki that he wants to make her happy and proposes her for marriage. Ishki started crying. Ahaan asks can she give him next chance? Ishki asks how can she trust him again? Ahaan says that he will never leave her alone and says that if Ishki walks away from him then he will never be alive.

Maasi comes, Kartik stops Maasi and asks her not to disturb Ahaan and Ishki. Ahaan tore Ishqui’s tickets and says that she cannot go away from him. Sarla insults Ishqui in front of everyone and says that Ahaan did wrong with Rhea. Riya’s mother shouted at Dadi and started insulting Ahaan in front of Dadi. Ishki asks what about Riya? Ahaan says he doesn’t love Riya so how can he marry her.

Ishqui asks how will they stay together, as they fight with each other a lot and how will they be like a happy couple? Ahaan said that they both know each other’s feelings so that they can live happily with each other and asked what is she thinking about? Ishqi said that she wants to work for herself. Ahaan says that he is incomplete without Ishqi. Chachi asks Dadi to allow Ahaan to marry Ishki and requests Dadi to give Ishki a chance. Ahaan asks Ishki to go to the resort. Ishki asks how can she go to the resort as Dadi hates her a lot. Ahaan says that when Dadi comes to know about Ishki, she will love him too. Ishqui and Ahaan spent romantic moments together.

Dadi calls Ahaan and starts crying on the call and says that she will kill herself. Riya tells her mother that Ishki destroyed everything and starts insulting Ahaan in front of her mother. Riya’s mother shouts at Riya’s ex-boyfriend being pregnant. Riya said that she is tired of pretending to be a well behaved girl. Ahaan and Ishki went to different places to find Dadi. Sarla asks Raj about Ishqi and Ahaan. Raj said that he does not know anything. Sonu tells Raj that Dadi is missing. Everyone started looking for Grandma. Ishqui had told herself that Dadi hates her very much and that is why she is doing everything. Ishqi says that if Ahaan’s family will break because of her, she will not marry Ahaan.

End of episode.

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