Kumkum bhagya 17 June 2021 Written Update – Pragya learns the truth

Kumkum bhagya 17 June 2021 Written Update – Pragya learns the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Shahana asks Prachi to confess her love for Ranbir. She says I love her, but nothing will change. He is going to marry Rhea and she cannot stop him. She tells him that she cannot see Ranbir marrying someone else and is going to Shiva temple to seek answers from God. Aryan overhears everything and he and Shahana rush to tell Ranbir the truth. Aaliya tries to stop him. But he tells everything to Ranbir. Angrily, Ranbir goes to Riya’s room.

He tells her how can she be so selfish? He says that he has come to know everything that she tries to blackmail Prachi. He says that he tried to create distance between him and Prachi at every point and the girl who can do this to her parents, how will she maintain relationship with him? Rhea tells Ranbir not to talk to me like this and don’t get angry. Ranbir says what will you do? He says after this I will hate you always and I love only Prachi. Riya says we are going to get married today stop it.

Ranbir says that he is not going to marry her after all this. She slaps him. Ranbir says that he is going to Shiva temple and there he will marry Prachi. Rhea calls Abhi and tells him that Ranbir has left the marriage and went to Prachi. Rhea fails to stop him and cries a lot. Pallavi asks him what happened? She tells him that he has gone to marry Prachi. Ranbir goes to Prachi and tells her that he has come to know everything and now he doesn’t need to sacrifice his feelings.

At the same time, Riya goes mad and destroys everything. Tanu calls Abhi and asks him to come early. Abhi calls Pragya and asks her where is she? She says that she has gone out to buy a garland for the wedding. Abhi tells her that Ranbir has gone to the Shiva temple to marry Prachi. Pragya says that she is near that place. Abhi asks her to go there and stops Ranbir from doing so. Ranbir convinces Prachi to marry her and assures her that no one will be able to separate her parents. Not holding back anymore, she confesses her feelings for him.

Pragya goes to the Shiva temple and when she sees Prachi marrying Ranbir, she slaps him. Meanwhile, Pallavi calls Vikram to talk to Ranbir and asks him to come back. Tanu calls Pradeep and asks him to record Prachi and Ranbir’s wedding. Pragya asks Prachi how can she do this to Rhea? Then Ranbir tells her the truth that he loves Prachi and Prachi also loves her. He explains everything to her. Pragya then agrees to their marriage and blesses the couple.

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