Namak Issk ka 17 June 2021 Written Update – Roopa’s conspiracy against Gunjan

Namak Issk ka 17 June 2021 Written Update – Roopa’s conspiracy against Gunjan

At the beginning of the episode, Ronnie comes to Roopa and asks her about the drama between Chamcham and Gunjan. Roopa told him that your brother himself spoiled his life, at least show fake regret. Ronnie replied that your sister has started a new life on a lie, so at least give a smile. Saroj comes there with Iravati and tells Roopa that we have to move on from this and try to convince Chamcham as well.

After Rupa left Iravati mixed some milk and said that today Gunjan will celebrate her first night with Yug, that too without any interruption, then Yug will be full of Gunjan. Roopa overhears the conversation there and thinks of stopping them anyhow as Yug doesn’t have feelings for Gunjan.

Yug requests Gunjan to give me some time as I only consider you my friend. Chamcham took a glass of milk for Gunjan as it was Ronnie’s idea. Dadi stops her and asks what have you mixed in it. Chamcham told him that I have not mixed anything in what you are saying. Dadi asks him to take a sip and prove that nothing is found in it. Gunjan also came out and asked to take her.

Chamcham took a sip and then Roopa deliberately pushed him with her hand so that he would feel dizzy. Then Roopa asks Chamcham to bring a fresh glass of milk. Chamcham brought another glass to the room. Chamcham was about to leave but she fainted there.

Gunjan was telling Roopa that now Chamcham should leave this house but Roopa told her that she has every right to stay here. Gunjan tells him that I am not happy as he does not love me. Roopa silences him and says take this glass and there is nothing to worry. Roopa thinks I have to do this as I don’t want anything to happen between you two as he is in love with Chamcham.

Saroj was feeling guilty for mixing something in Yug’s milk, but Iravati told her that if we don’t do this then how will we carry out our plan. On not telling the truth, Ronnie handed the bride over to the lawyer.

After drinking milk, Gunjan slept there while talking to Roopa. Roopa said marriage without love is like a burden which you have to bear for life but no one is trying to understand it.

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