Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 17 June 2021 Written Update – Tarana is back

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 17 June 2021 Written Update – Tarana is back

At the beginning of the episode, Harman is shocked to hear the sound of dhol. Preeto comes and lights the light thinking what is happening here and who is outside their house. She opens the door to see who is there. He further saw some eunuchs and asked them who are they and what are they doing there? Preeto and others cannot see anything due to darkness. Mahi turned on the light and then he saw Saumya in front of him.

Soumya is in the form of Tarana. Saumya i.e. Tarana sees them. Harman is looking at her with startled eyes. Soumya recalls how she took the form of Tarana to teach Angel a good lesson. Angel is stunned. Soumya claps like a eunuch. Daljit is crying bitterly. He gets scared. Harman smiles seeing Saumya. Preeto asks Harman why he took the form of Tarana. Harman remembers how he went to Saumya and told her that at first he didn’t like her Guruma form but later he came to know that her identity is his Shakti, so he has no problem with her Kinnar avatar, he has to do this. Feels proud to see in the dress.

Harman tells Preeto that just as iron can defeat iron, a eunuch can also defeat a eunuch. Angel goes to Saumya and asks what is she trying to do. Saumya smiles and says that they all look very nervous and soon they will know why she has come here. Then they all enter the Singh House. Angel thinks of calling the police. Soumya announces that the police can kick her out of the house but they cannot take out the eunuchs’ Guru Maa. Angel watches.

Soumya shouts at Angel and says that because of her the transgender community is getting maligned. She advises him to leave Singh House or else she will ruin him. Angel says she will not go. Soumya slaps him. Mahi is trying to call the police. Preeto pushes him. Daljit is about to leave but the kinnars stop him. There Saint finds a duplicate file of Angel’s file. While Virat learns that Sant is playing a game with him.

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