Ishk Par Zor Nahin 17 June 2021 Written Update – Ahan refuses to marry Riya

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 17 June 2021 Written Update – Ahan refuses to marry Riya

In the beginning of the episode, Ishki and Maasi were packing their bags. Maasi asks why Ishqui is looking tense and asks if she really wants to go? Ishki says she is happy. Kartik and Ahaan come out of the resort while Ishki was keeping her luggage in the taxi. Kartik asks Ahaan to express his feelings in front of Ishqi. Ahaan shouts at Kartik. Ishqi expected Ahaan to come to say goodbye to her. When Ahaan came to say goodbye to Ishki, Riya grabbed her hand and took her inside the resort. Ahaan keeps thinking about Ishki.

Dadi praises Rhea in front of Ahaan and asks her to always be with her and asks her to respect her. Kartik asks if Ahaan really wants to be with Rhea? Dadi shouts at Kartik and asks Ahaan to get ready for the evening. Sonu chose a necklace for herself, Sarla took it and said that she would wear it. Sonu asks Raj to stop Sarla. Raj says Sonu doesn’t need his advice, so why should he interfere in her life and leave from there.

Kartik makes video call to Ishki and shows her the setup and asks her to congratulate Ahaan. Kartik brings the phone in front of Ahaan, Ishki congratulates him on his marriage. Riya’s mother asks how will she tell Ahaan about her pregnancy? Rhea says that the boys have no idea about the pregnancy and will handle it anyway. Ahan reached the airport and asked her not to drop him and requested him to stay in India. Suddenly Maasi came and Ishki found that it was her imagination.

Rhea tells that she is ready to marry Ahaan. Ahaan thought that Ishqui was in front of him and said ‘I am ready to marry Ishqi’. Everyone gets shocked. Ahaan tells everyone that he doesn’t want to marry Riya and goes to the airport. Ishqui was crying hoping Ahaan would stop her and sees Ahaan’s image everywhere. Ahaan and Kartik reach the airport looking for Ishki. Someone pours water on Ishqui Ishqui thought it was a sign of her mother that she was trying to stop him by this means. Ishki went to the washroom. Ahaan and Kartik could not find Ishki. When Ishki was returning for her leave, Ahaan saw her and stopped her. Ishqi is shocked to see Ahaan at the airport and thinks it is her imagination. Ahaan grabbed Ishki’s hand and pulled her towards him.

End of episode.

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