Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 16 June 2021 Written Update – Shubhra signed the divorce papers

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 16 June 2021 Written Update – Shubhra signed the divorce papers

At the beginning of the episode, Harsh comes to the party venue and Rishi is very excited to see him. Roli asks him if he has brought flowers only for his mother. Shubhra asks him to keep quiet. Harsh says that he has a special gift for Shubhra. She used to dance a lot in college so now he will sing for her and she will dance. Chandrani is enjoying her juice while Harsh sings a beautiful song for Shubhra.

He asks her and Narayan to dance as well. Chandrani praises him considering how beautifully he sings. While Narayan and Shubhra dance together and enjoy their family time. Just then Samaira and Kuldeep reach there and Chandrani is shocked to see Kuldeep and Samaira together. He wants to know why he came here with this lady, Samaira. Then Kuldeep and Shubhra do a romantic dance. Suddenly Shubhra falls in his arms. Which bothers Samaira a lot.

She then moves towards Harsh and insists that Shubhra is so lucky to have found a man like her who sings so well. He smiles and leaves from there. Just then Shubhra is about to cut the cake while Roli and Rishi ask her to ask for a wish first. She closes her eyes and does the same. Chandrani wants Shubhra to wish Kuldeep while Madhura wants Shubhra to leave about her past and her future, so she should wish Harsh.

Just then Shubhra opens her eyes and is about to cut the cake. However, Samaira stops him and gives him divorce papers as a gift. She asks him to sign the papers. Chandrani gets depressed and asks Samaira to leave with her gift. However, Shubhra wants to sign the papers so that she can set an example for her daughter to never tolerate a man cheating on her wife.

She signs the papers and gives it to Samaira. She looks happy and Kuldeep takes those papers from his hands and tears them. Shubhra is shocked. Samaira gets angry. She acts like a crazy lady. Phirki tries to handle him. Harsh takes Roli from there. And Samaira celebrates Shubhra’s birthday. Kuldeep shouts at him.

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