Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 16 June 2021 Written Update – Nandini’s gesture for Darshana

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 16 June 2021 Written Update – Nandini’s gesture for Darshana

At the beginning of the episode, Nandini thinks that Darshya has gone to learn horse riding to fulfill his dream. Darsh is learning horse riding but the horse gets out of control and Darsh is unable to stop the horse. Nandini goes there. There she sees that Darsh is riding a horse which is out of control. She shouts his name. Darsh asks him to stop as the horse is not under his control. There are a lot of stones on the road. Nandini keeps them all aside so that if Darsha falls, he does not get hurt.

Then Darshana tells Nandini why have you come here, go home and wait for me. Nandini shouts at him and says what will happen to Rajvi if something happens to you. She says you need to be careful. Darsh says that he was trying to fulfill her dream. Nandini says there is no need to do this. He says that no matter how much he loves her but he is unsuccessful. Nandini hugs him and says that where there is love there is no need to prove anything. Darsh says it means she forgives him.

Nandini says you have done all this so that I can forgive you. She says he is trying to pressurize her by doing all this and tells her that this thought of yours has failed her today. She leaves from there. Darsh goes home and searches for Nandini. Rajvi asks him what happened? He hugs her and says that Nandini has left her and now she will never come back. Nandini then goes to Ritesh and asks him for help. Darsh tries to find Nandini with Shobhit’s help. Just then Shobhit tells him that Nandini is at Ritesh’s house. Darsh gets upset, so Shobhit tells him that it is okay, he is his childhood friend.

Only then Darsha senses the smell of the sweets made by Nandini and goes downstairs. He asks Rajvi where is Nandini. Rajvi asks her to solve the clues on the sweets to find Nandini. Then he finally finds her. She plans a surprise for him and says that my husband is perfect. She tells him that how can she be angry with the man who loves her so much? She tells him to never compare yourself with others as he is different from everyone else and even better than him. Then both hug each other.

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