Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 16 June 2021 Written Update – Pallavi takes a stand for Raghav

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 16 June 2021 Written Update – Pallavi takes a stand for Raghav

In the beginning we see that Vijay asks Raghav to wash his feet and drink that water. Vijay will forgive Pallavi if Raghav does this. Raghav says that he should stop all this drama, to which Vijay says that he has seen selfish people like him. Leave aside Pallavi, people like her can never do anything for their parents.

Keerti is worried about Sunny and tries to find out by calling her friends.

Vijay says that he knows that Raghav only talks but he cannot do anything for Pallavi in ​​action. When Raghav remains silent, Vijay asks him to get out of his house.

Raghav asks Vijay to sit and gets ready to wash his feet. Milind tries to stop Vijay and Raghav but no one listens to him. Raghav is about to wash Vijay’s feet when Pallavi reaches there and throws the jug of water.

She asks what is happening there. Vijay says that Raghav wanted to renew their relationship and he was helping her. Pallavi is angry with Vijay and says that she is disappointed with his behaviour. She says that she considers Vijay as her father but he is not her father-in-law either. He cannot insult her husband by taking advantage of her love and respect. She tells Raghav not to bow down to anyone, least of all for this family. She says that this family is full of thieves and fraudsters. Pallavi tells Vijay that Raghav did not blame Vijay for the theft, but it was Sulochana. Sulochana tries to defend herself, But Pallavi tells the whole secret. The whole family is shocked to hear the truth. Pallavi says that Raghav is not the same person anymore and wants the best for this family and she has no right to insult her husband. Pallavi says that she will always come and keep in touch with Milind Kaka, but she has nothing to do with the rest. Raghav is overjoyed to see him take a stand for himself.

At home, Raghav asks Pallavi why she told them everything about Sulochana. He wanted to clean through her. Pallavi is angry with Raghav for going to her house and compromising on her self-respect.

Keerti tells Pallavi that Sunny is missing from her house and she blames him for Raghav’s actions. Pallavi tells Keerti that she should introspect why Sunny left her and disappeared. She cannot blame Raghav for everything that happens in her life but instead takes responsibility for his actions.

Pallavi is very angry in the room and says that Milind had called her there, otherwise Raghav would have done something which he should not have done. She says that he is her priority and she is choosing him over her family. Raghav is impressed by Pallavi’s words.

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