Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 16 June 2021 Written Update – Anant surprised the jewel

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 16 June 2021 Written Update – Anant surprised the jewel

At the beginning of the episode, Gehna gets happy and goes with Krishna. Paresh comes and teases Anant. Sagar asks Tia to play. Tia refused to play. Sagar comes to Anant and asks him to play. Anant calls Gehna and asks her if she is coming. Infinite awaits the jewel. Anant sees Gehna coming with Krishna. Sagar asks Gehna to play with him. Jewel asks him to play later. Sagar takes the jewel’s purse and runs. Hema throws the ball on the floor and tries to drop the jewel, but Sagar falls. Sagar fainted. Everyone gets shocked. Anant asks Sagar to get up.

Baa tells Hema that Sagar will wake up. The ocean woke up. Sagar’s memory comes. Hema wonders what she has become now. Kanak thinks that Sagar’s memory is back. The ocean watches. Sagar pretends that he is a child. Jewel asks him not to play. Baa asks everyone to get ready. Gehna asks Tia to take Sagar to the room. Krishna asks Tia to stop. Tia refused to come. Krishna presented a dress to Gehna. Gehna says how could he have chosen the dress for her. Tia asks Gehana to check the dress. Anant gives a dress to Gehna. Krishna taunts Anant for copying him. Krishna says that Jewel will wear his dress. Anant asks Gehna to wear the dress of his choice. Hema overhears them and says that Gehna will wear Krishna’s outfit.

Jewel comes in the room and goes to get ready. Hema comes and changes the name of the gifts. Hema looks on. Tia asks Sagar to wear this dress. Sagar asks Tia to wear a sari to the party. Hema tries to escape but she gets trapped in Gehna’s room. Hema runs from the window. Jewel comes and checks the gifts. The names of the gifts have been blown away. Gehna thinks how she will come to know about the gift. Looking at the jewel.

Anant congratulates Pankaj. Hema taunts Anant for the dress. Hema asks Gehna to come out. Krishna comes to Hema and praises her. Hema gets happy and asks why is he praising her. Krishna says he is praising himself. Hema says that she thinks she is looking beautiful. Kanak comes there. Baa asks Kanak why she was not ready. Kanak says that clothes don’t matter when family is with them on this day. Hema thinks to know about Kanak’s plan. Hema is waiting for Tia and Gehna to come. Jewel comes there. Infinite sees.

end of episode

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