Kumkum bhagya 16 June 2021 Written Update – Pragya clashes with Aaliya

Kumkum bhagya 16 June 2021 Written Update – Pragya clashes with Aaliya

At the beginning of the episode, Aaliya gives money to Pradeep as Tanu asks him to do so. Aaliya asks Pradeep why is he blackmailing Tanu and is Tanu really his wife? He says if she was my wife then he would have killed her when she was marrying Abhi. He doesn’t tell her the reason. Tanu tries to get close to Abhi but he pretends as if he is asleep. He snores so loudly that Tanu goes to sleep on the sofa. Pragya wakes up in the night and tries to remember what happened to her.

That’s when he remembers that when she is about to faint, Aaliya is also there. She also finds Aaliya’s handkerchief and thinks that Aaliya helped Tanu. She goes to his room and confronts him about everything. She says I came to know that you helped Tanu and sent a man to make me unconscious. She asks him how can you do this? You destroyed everything. When everything was about to be right. Aaliya then says that she is not sorry for what she did and says that she wants to save her brother so she helped him.

Pragya says that she is also saving her brother. Then Aaliya tells him but she cannot make him a partner of Abhi’s music company. She says I want 50 percent shares of her company and only Tanu will help her in this. Pragya says that tomorrow is Rhea’s wedding and after that she will tell everything to Abhi and throw him and Tanu out of the house. When Ranbir is so sad, Pallavi consoles him. Ranbir says that he is ready to marry Rhea. Tanu comes and taunts Pragya. Pragya says that if everything goes well tomorrow she will show him the real place for her.

Tanu says that if Pragya is not able to fulfill her duty as a mother then she can. Rhea tells Pragya that she knows that Pragya loves her very much and asks her to ignore Tanu. Pragya then tells Pallavi to take Ranbir to Rhea’s room and there they will perform a small puja for both of them. Aryan goes to Ranbir and asks him what happened? He says that from today onwards he will only have more regrets in his life. Just then Pallavi comes and asks him to come with her. Pallavi asks him are you happy, then he says yes I am.

Just then Shahana comes and tells Aryan to stop blaming Prachi for everything. Aryan says that Prachi will never find a boy like Ranbir and she will never be happy. Shahana yells at him and tells him that Prachi loves Ranbir very much, but Rhea has put a condition in front of Prachi that she will stop Abhi and Meera’s marriage only when Prachi is away from Ranbir. Otherwise she will separate the two.

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