Kundali bhagya 15=6 June 2021 Written Update – Karan scolds Sherlyn

Kundali bhagya 15=6 June 2021 Written Update – Karan scolds Sherlyn

At the beginning of the episode, Sherlyn comes downstairs and asks Deepali about Prithvi. There Mahira wants to meet Karan and she is about to enter his room but Srishti tries to stop her. Mahira is not listening to him. Just then Pummy comes there and helps Srishti. She lies about Mahira’s father which shocks Mahira and Srishti.

After this Prithvi comes home. He sees that there is no one in the house. He wants to know where all the people of the house have gone, what happened here. Kritika comes near Prithvi. She wants to talk to him. Prithvi ignores him. Because he wants him to know that what Kritika did was wrong and hence he is very angry with her. He leaves from there. Kritika gets sad.

Then Sherlyn comes. She sees the drama of Prithvi and at the same time she learns that Kritika is upset. She goes to him and asks him if everything is going well between him and Prithvi. She doesn’t say anything. Preeta tells Karan that she has seen that Sherlyn is goat number three and has killed Akshay. And he got all these proofs in his phone. So now it means that Mahira is innocent. Karan stands shocked.

Karan also gets very angry so he goes to Sherlyn’s room. Sherlyn gets shocked seeing Karan and wonders how he came here. Karan then clarifies that the police have come to know that he is innocent and the real killer is Sherlyn so the police have released him but they are about to catch Sherlyn. Sherlyn gets scared hearing this.

Sherlyn says that she has not done anything. She is not Akshay’s murderer. Srishti shows him some evidence and Preeta says that now no one can stop the police from arresting Sherlyn. Sherlyn looks nervous. Karan wants to be alone again. On seeing Karan, Prithvi goes to him and starts troubling him.

Karan pushes her in anger. Kritika comes there and takes care of Prithvi. She apologizes on behalf of Karan. Sherlyn further tells Prithvi how Karan has threatened her. She says that she knows that she has killed Akshay. Prithvi wants to call the police so that they can tell them that Karan is hiding in their house.

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