Namak Issk ka 16 June 2021 Written Update – Chamcham withdraws his case

Namak Issk ka 16 June 2021 Written Update – Chamcham withdraws his case

In the beginning of the episode, Gunjan tells herself that after a lot of hard work I have found you but now I will not let anyone take you. Roopa listened to him and asked how long would you keep someone’s husband. Gunjan interrupts him, if you care a lot about Chamcham, then go to him.

Iravati went to meet the lawyer and he informed him that Ravikant has decided to confess his crime and he wants to lose the case so I cannot proceed. Chamcham was about to leave the hospital as she was panicking.

Gunjan and Yug come home with other family members. Saroj tells Juhi to clear all this or else Yug will get sad seeing all this again and again. All the members of the house were sitting together, Gunjan had come to feed Yug but she stopped him. Saroj insists her to eat as it is part of a ritual or else she will not eat either. Yug remembers his past memories when he used to feed Chamcham with a spoon. Yug took that bowl and started eating.

Iravati tells the lawyers that both of you have to prove that Ravikant only killed Chamcham’s daughter and mother. The lawyer asked why? Iravati tells him that the longer he stays inside the jail, the more angry Yug will get at Chamcham, through this we can separate the two.

Chamcham went to the police station and withdrew the case. Ravikant came out of the lockup and asked him why did you do this? Chamcham replied, you have to go back home and I will go to jail. Ravikant comes back home and everyone is surprised to see him out of jail. Everyone started asking how did you come back home? Ravikant told him that Chamcham withdrew his case. Gunjan says today is my happiest day. Iravati welcomed but Chamcham told her that I would welcome her. Dadi tells Ronnie why are you getting so worried because all this drama is normal in this house.

Iravati asked him why did you come back when you lost everything. Chamcham told him that both of us will stay in this house. Yug told her that you will not feel happy in this house so why did you come back. Chamcham welcomes her father and says that when someone is destroyed in love, then that person becomes so strong that no one can break him. Ronnie tells Dadi that everyone in this house are drama experts.

Dadi was saying from Yug that it is my blessing that you go and start a new life. The room of Yug was decorated by Chamcham and he told Yug that I have removed all the thorns from it. Gunjan asks Chamcham can you please change the flowers as it is very old fashioned. Roopa was thinking that I have to fix all this.

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