Molkki 16 June 2021 Written Update – Vipul risked his life to save Purvi

Molkki 16 June 2021 Written Update – Vipul risked his life to save Purvi

In the beginning of the episode, kids were playing Ludo and Sakshi also joined them. The witness then asked that if you were already aware of the truth then why didn’t you inform me. The kids told him that Purvi once told us that we should first get all the evidence to prove anything.

Virendra punished Anjali for doing all the gardening work. Purvi is ready to go and urges Virendra to forgive her, but Sakshi tells her that you don’t need to go anywhere as she deserves it. Virendra and Prakashi went to see Anjali’s work and instructed the gardener to look after Anjali’s work as she would do all the work from today. Anjali was requesting to forgive her but Virendra told her that I have always been forgiving you with a warning but this time you will not get any apology. Prakashi says don’t speak too much and move your hands fast.

Prakashi tells Virendra that there is some kind of circuit in the godown, I will send an electrician to fix it. The children were happy that Purvi was not leaving us and going anywhere. Sakshi thought that I tried a lot but all my efforts failed, now how will I find a boy for her.

Anjali was cutting vegetables, Prakashi came to her and told her not to bother with these small punishments because after that we will rule this mansion. Sakshi was telling Virendra that after 2 weeks your divorce process will be over and till now no right boy has been found for her. Virender said don’t rush because we can’t take another risk.

Priyu calls Purvi and tells that I am in Goa and coming to meet you. Sakshi apologizes to Purvi for what happened. Purvi told him that it was not your fault so don’t apologize. Sakshi asked him if there was any boy whom you used to love in your past. Purvi remembered about Vipul but told him that there is no such person.

Poorvi went to the storeroom to get some items and she got trapped as soon as the fire broke out in the storeroom. East was screaming for help. Sakshi went to get the water pipe but there was no water in the tap. Purvi’s friend Vipul, who had come with Priyu, went inside to rescue her.

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