COVID-19: Hotel Corona in Gujarat becomes popular selfie point

A dull inn cum-café on an expressway in Gujarat’s Banaskantha area has become a well known selfie point among voyagers all gratitude to its name Hotel Corona.

At the point when he named his foundation in 2015, little did hotelier Baakar Ali realize that it would gather such a great amount of consideration when the entire nation was reeling under the fatal coronavirus pandemic.

The inn is situated on a parkway interfacing Gujarat with Abu Road in neighboring Rajasthan and goes through Amirgadh town of Banaskantha.

In spite of the fact that it remains briefly shut as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, the name of the foundation has halted numerous bystanders following right after them, making them wonder why anyone would name their inn after a feared pandemic, which has pushed the world to the edge of total collapse.

A few awestruck voyagers make a stop at the lodging, just to take selfies with its billboard out of sight.

“Individuals can hardly imagine how a lodging is named after a worldwide pandemic, which has slaughtered such a large number of individuals. Voyagers stop here just to take selfies,” said Ali, an inhabitant of Siddhpur town in Patan locale.

Ali said he had picked the name Corona for his lodging, as it implied crown or a splendid round ring.

“In Gujarati, it signifies Tej-chakra or Prabha-Mandal. In any case, presently, everybody interfaces the word crown with coronavirus,” he regrets, including that he may consider changing the name in the event that he sees an exceptional drop in clients after the pandemic.

The image will be clear simply after the limitations are lifted and lodging really gets started, Ali said.

Till at that point, the hotelier should be content with the way that any exposure was acceptable exposure.

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