Interlocking sunk in place due to first rain

Dhanapur The interlocking pole, bypassing the rules and regulations in the village panchayat Hingutargarh, opened in the first rains. The norm of ignoring the norm here is that a total of 16 places in two different lanes of just six and a half meter length have been interlocking. Due to this, there is anger among the villagers.

Villagers say that the streets where interlocking has been installed. Ballast and sand were not used as per the standard set therein. Apart from this, the covered drainage for drainage has also been covered with interlocking bricks without cleaning. Alam is that due to the apathy of the officials who are engrossed in corruption, interlocking from Main Road to the house of Keshar Kharwar in a street, Rajesh Singh, Ajit Singh, Harbansh Singh, Ratneshwar Singh, Harbansh Pandey, Ganesh Pandey, Veer Bahadur Singh, Mahendra Barnwal Has sunk in front of K’s house. The other street is built from Ramprakash Pandey’s house to Neeraj Singh’s house. In which Nagesh Dubey, Narayan Raman Dubey, Laxman Singh, Balmukund Dubey, Prem Prakash Singh, Murali Saw, Kamla Singh etc. have collapsed in front of the house. In such a situation, the question arises that how the interlocking of streets laid in just six and a half hundred and seven hundred meters length got bogged down in more than a dozen places.

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