RSCIT Answer Key 21 February 2021 rkcl vmou Question Paper

RSCIT Answer Key 21 February 2021 rkcl vmou Question Paper:The Rajasthan State Certificate of Information Technology Course { Full Form Of RSCIT } Conduct RS-CIT Exam Held By Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University Kota And RKCL On [ Sunday : 21/02/2021 ] . Next Step Of RS-CIT Applicant Student After Complete The Exam, All Student Want To Match Question And Answer With Official RSCIT Answer Key Of VMOU RKCL Paper of All Series Of Booklet A B C D. We Are Giving You Official Resource And VMOU Official Portal To Match RSCIT Answer Key 2021.

RSCIT Answer Key 2021 VMOU RKCL Question Paper 21 February 2021

RSCIT Answer Key 21 February 2021 [ Today Paper ] Booklet Series A B C D – : Rajasthan State Certificate of Information Technology Course By Vardhman Mahaveer Open Univ Exam Is Completed Today [ 12AM – 01PM ] on Various Exam Center on Offline Mode. The Answer key And Paper Solution is Available on  Stay Update Here Within One Hour.

RSCIT Answer Key 2021

RSCIT Answer Key 21 February 2021 – Answer key of exam made available below. You can download from the given link.  Stay onyou .

RSCIT Answer Key 21 February 2021 PDF

RSCIT December Answer Key 21 February 2021 : After Every Three Year RSCIT Exam Held By VMOU And RKCL To Provide The Computer Knowledge. In This Series Once Again VMOU Kota Held Exam Here We Provide RS-CIT Answer Key February 2021 By in PDF File So Student Can Download The Key And Match The Answer. RSCIT December Exam Is Held In Every Dist in Rajasthan On Various Exam Exam Center. VMOU Take Some Time To Publish The Official RSCIT Answer Key. So Right Now We Are Giving Some Answer Key Provide By Computer Education Center In Rajasthan. When Release Answer Key We Update PDF File On  So Stay And Keep Visit On Website.

RSCIT Answer Key PDF – 21 February 2021

RSCIT Answer Key – 21 February 2021  : We are giving you the  answers  to the questions asked in the RSCIT Exam . You must match the correct answer, this question can be in any booklet series ABCD , answers to all the questions asked in the exam.  You will find it here . Visit the RSCIT News Answer  daily for the RSCIT Exam Result 2021 . Now take your paper and match the answer. Share it with your friends on  Whatsapp  and Facebook and  tell them that   the answers to all the questions of RSCIT have come. RSCIT Series Wise Answer Key ABCD is given below and answers to all questions. You can also download the pdf file whose link is also given below it.

RSCIT 21 February 2021 Exam Key Paper Answer Sheet Image PDF

The Answer Key Of 21 February 2021 Conduct By RKCL VMOU Is Now Available In Video And PDF Format. Candidate Can Download Answer Key By Below Given PDF Link. Stay Visit On  For Latest Update On RSCIT ANSWER key Or Paper Sheet Solution

RSCIT RKCL official Answer Key PDF File Set wise A B C D

You Can Download The Official Answer Key Of RSCIT  21 February 2021 [Official Answer Key]  Exam By Below Given Link. RSCIT February 21 2021 official answer sheet has been made for you available on  | You can see below the set wise answer.

RKCL RSCIT Answer Key 2021 Series A B C D

RSCIT Answer Key 2021 Series A B C D : The Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited { Full Form Of RKCL } Is Conducted The RS-CIT Computer Knowledge Course Exam On Sunday 21 February 2021 On Same Day Computer Coaching Center Is Publish Their Answer Key Just After Exam Is Completed Of All Paper Booklet A B C D. We Are Giving Answer Key PDF File RS CIT Answer Key Image And Photo. If Any Student Want Answer Key On Their Whatsapp Number Then Give Us Number Comment And Get The RS-CIT Exam Answer Key Or Paper Solution Of 21 February 2021.

Question: Which of the following services cannot be availed using e-friend service webportal
Ans: Sharing files between mobiles

Question: …………………… can be used to transfer files between two or more mobile devices
Ans: Bluetooth

Question: Combination key is
Ans: Alt Control Shift

Question: What is the use of zoom slider in MS Word 2010
Ans: To reduce the viewing area by enlarging

Question: What is the use of freeze pen command in MS Excel 2010
Ans: To keep the row and column title level so that they do not scroll while scrolling the worksheet.

Question: Suppose there are some numerical values ​​in cells b1 B2 and B3 in MS axle. What is the correct formula to find the minimum of the values ​​in these cells
Ans: = MIN (B1, MIN (B2, B3))

Question: …………… ..Unlock Android device using a specific swipe pattern with a series of 9 dots in the screen lock option
Ans: Pattern

Question: What is the main objective of SSO single sign on
Ans: Reducing help desk costs, increasing customer satisfaction, increasing productivity, all of this

Question: Can not be inserted in the slide of MS Powerpoint 2010
Ans: Modem

Question: ………… .. I am usually asked by email to let users click on a link and enter their personal data
Ans: Phishing attack

Question: Indian IT Act 2000 laws are prepared for which field
Ans: Information Technology

Question: Application is not an example of software
Ans: Flash memory

Question: The process of writing music photo documents like data on CD / DVD is commonly called
Ans: Burning

Question: What is the full name of SMPT
Ans: Simple mail transfer protocol

Question: To see how the document looks before printing the document, use which command?
Ans: Print preview

Question: …………… .. uses encryption techniques to provide evidence of original and unrelated documentation
Ans: Digital signature

Question: In MS Word 2010 selects a place or text that you identify for name and future reference
Ans: Bookmarks

Question: Which of the following comes under Income Tax Services
Ans: PAN Card application and update

Question: Choose a valid example of the email card from the following options

Question: What is the full form of MOOCS
Ans: Massive open online courses

Question: Select the strongest password from the following
Ans: Vmou @ Rscit123

Question: What is the full form of UPI
Ans: Unified Payment Interface

Question: What will be the output of = LEN (“VMOU RSCIT”) in MS Excel 2010
Ans: 9

Question: For Rajasthan based on SaaS (Software SA Service), PaaS (Platform Aja Service), End 2 and Cloud is enabled
Ans: Raj Megh

Question: Which tab is the bullet and numbering in MS Word 2010
Ans: Home

Question: What is the use of restore point in window 10
Ans: To recover the computer in case of computer malfunction

Question: How can you classify computer systems according to speed storage and performance
Ans: Super, Mainframe, Mini, Micro

Question: In MS Excel 2010 chart the actual value of the data point is
Ans: Data label

Question: enables you to choose how far the paragraph in the document has to be moved from the left right margin
Ans: Indent

Question: Examples of super script and sub script are
Ans: X2 (on top of the word), X2 (on the bottom of the word)

Question: Window 10 is present in the bottom part of the user interface, usually it has a menu in Start
Ans: Taskbar

Question: The abbreviation for modem is
Ans: Modulator – D Modulator

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Vardhman Mahaveer Open University, Kota  in Rajasthan  Arssiaiti  offers test they test just Arssiaiti made in all districts of Rajasthan. Now all students  to answer  are waiting for them to tell us to Vardhman Mahavir Open University  VMOU  has made available on the answer to. Along with this, we  are also giving answer sheet for the computer center RSCIT that is studying  for you, the  official answer will be valid.

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