Haryana Gk 3000+ Questions In Hindi Practice Set 26

Haryana Gk 3000+ Questions In Hindi Practice Set 26

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1. When was Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology established?
(A) 1995
(B) 2009
(C) 2010
(D) 2011
Ans . A

2. When was the Liladhar ‘Dukhi’ memorial Saraswati Sangrahalaya, Sirsa established?
(A) 26 May, 2001
(B) 26 May, 2002
(C) 26 April, 2002
(D) 26 April, 2001
Ans . D

3. Who was the symbol of real power for the soldiers and people of Haryana?
(A) Mughal Ruler
(B) Throne of Delhi
(C) Both of these
(D) None of these,
Answer . C

4. What shape is Surajkund made of?
(A) Moon
(B) Star
(C) Sun
(D) None of these
Answer . C

5. In which district of Haryana state, shisham, kikar, safeda, neem, jand, mango trees are found in abundance?
(A) Sonipat
(B) Jind
(C) Panipat
(D) None of these
Answer . B

6. In which year the historical site Bananwali (Fatehabad) was excavated?
(A) 1979-82
(B) 1983-84
(C) 1980-83
(D) 1981-84
Ans . B

7. Sandhav Sthal Bhagwanpur In which district of Haryana
(A) Thanesar
(B) Panipat
(C) Karnal
(D) Kurukshetra
North . D

8. Center for Excellence for Vegetables located in the state
(A) Gharaunda (Karnal)
(B) Hansi (Hisar)
(C) Kiloi (Rohtak)
(D) Uchana (Jind)
North . A

9. Delhi-Firozpur highway is
(A) NH-1
(B) NH-8
(C) NH-10
(D) NH-21
Answer . C

10. Where is the highest density of paved roads in the state?
(A) Panipat
(B) Ambala.
(C) Karnal
(D) Kurukshetra
North . B

11. What was the name of the author of ‘Ashtadhyayi’?
(A) Panini
(B) Muhammad Afzal
(C) Maheshwar Shiva
(D) Hiradas
Answer . A

12. In which field the Chief Minister Ratna Award is given?
(A) Industrial Workers
(B) Education
(C) Social Sector
(D) Sports
Answer . A

13. From which year the name of ‘Soor Award’ was changed to ‘Soor Samman’?
(A) 2001
(B) 2006
(C) 2008
(D) 2009
Ans . B

14. Which is called Solar City?
(A) Gurugram
(B) Karnal
(C) Hisar
(D) Panipat
Answer . A

15. The Haryana Panchayati Raj Act-1994 was approved by the President?
(A) 21st April, 1994
(B) 4th May, 1994
(C) 10th May, 1994
(D) None of these
Ans . A

16. In which year was the KAP project started in Haryana?
(A) April 24, 2014
(B) April 24, 2015
(C) April 24, 2016
(D) None of these
Ans . B

17. What was the real name of Bhishma?
(A) Devavrat
(B) Parikshit
(C) Rajanya
(D) None of these
Answer . A

18. Who was the architect of Chandigarh?
(A) French architect Le Cubige
(B) Tom Cluj
(C) Peter
(D) None of these
Answer . A

19. According to legend, at which place in the state of Haryana did the Pandavas get a temple built in the honor of Jainati Devi?
(A) Karnal
(B) Rohtak
(C) Jind
(D) Kurukshetra
Answer . C

20. Where is Kabuli Bagh located?
(A) Panipat
(B) Rohtak
(C) Sonipat
(D) None of these
Answer . A

21. Which district of the state has the lowest density of paved roads?
(A) Bhiwani
(B) Jind
(C) Sirsa
(D) Rohtak
Answer . B

22. Who brought out ‘Vijayanand’ monthly paper?
(A) Rabindranath Vashistha
(B) K B Dutt
(C) Atmaram Jain
(D) Jialal Jain
Answer . C

23. What type of song is ‘Banada’?
(A) Wedding song
(B) Birth song
(C) Sawan song
(D) Religious song
Answer . A

24. Duff instrument is mainly used in which dance?
(A) Dhamaal
(B) Rasiya
(C) Raas
(D) Lur
Answer . A

25. Itching of right foot is indicative of? Answer of
(A) travel
(B) accident
(C) illness
(D) marriage . A

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