Advantages and disadvantages of dieting and protect

Advantages and disadvantages of dieting

Dieting Advantages and Disadvantages in Hindi Never do dieting without asking any expert, and keep in mind that dieting is not hungry. Whenever someone thinks about dieting.then the first question in his mind that comes, whether dieting  (Dieting) also has the right to health or a loss (disadvantages).

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Will it have any effect on our health or will it affect only for some time See Video , as many questions remain in our mind.

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Many people have a question in their mind, should they diet, is it right for them. There is always only one answer for this, it depends on you, your body structure, your health, your weight. weight reducing  diets  (Dieting)  So, no exercise, some people do both. It is important that you lose weight, but more important is how you lose weight. Those diets  (Dieting)  is, for them it should be noted, that should never eat more or less than 100Kg 70Kg. While dieting  (Dieting)  has many advantages, but that dieting was not the right way, so that the damage can be reached.

No. Benefit from dieting Loss of dieting
1. Lose weight Weakness comes
2. Healthy diet keeps the body healthy Hair loss, tooth trouble
3. Cholesterol is a blood pressure control Tired quickly
4. Stay active by exercising Irritability occurs
5. Self control increases Nutrient deficiency in the body

Advantages and disadvantages of dieting in hindi

Benefits of dieting :

  • When you are dieting, your habit of eating extravaganza (like unrefined breakfast chips samosa and many junk food etc.) is less. These are the extra things that make you gain weight fast.
  • Calories do not go high in the body, which leads to rapid weight loss.
  • When you are dieting, your personality includes habits like patience and consistency.
  • You self-control and address yourself. 
  • The biggest benefit of dieting is weight loss.
  • While dieting  (Dieting)  is carried out intermittently in a range that keeps people fresh out. You always feel refreshed, as well as stress is reduced.
  • If you do dieting, then your health remains right and your heart remains healthy and protected from other diseases.
  • You dieting  (Dieting)  is in your body  cholesterol  is right.
  • If you do exercise along with dieting then you always remain active and laziness keeps you away.
  • If dieting  (Dieting)  do so is the level of your blood sugar remains true. Due to which  blood sugar is  reduced.
  • Blood pressure is  low.
  • Properly done dieting gives energy.
  • By taking a balance diet, all the nutrients remain in the right amount in the body.
  • Circumcision for breast cancer is less.

Disadvantages of Dieting :

  • Hair loss –  You must have noticed during dieting, hair starts falling more. This happens because the body does not get enough nutrients. Due to which hair starts falling weakly.
  • The memory is low –  it has also been found in research that women who are dieting, their memory starts becoming weak, and they start giving a late reaction on anything.
  • The amount of water deteriorates –  even if we drink a lot of water during dieting, we still do not have normal amount in the body, because food is needed to get water, after which digestion is also good. Therefore, then body aches and other troubles begin.
  • Blood pressure is low – By  taking less carbohydrate, there is no energy in the body. Also, sugar is also low in the body, due to which blood pressure starts to decrease and along with weakness, there is also difficulty in breathing.
  • Toothache due to weakness, other problems related to it also arise. The teeth fidget.
  • When you do dieting, your body’s metabolism decreases, due to which your body weight starts increasing suddenly. Metapolism is reduced due to lack of adequate nutrients, which causes adverse effects on eating anything.
  • When you are dieting  (Dieting)  are doing so in a very short time you feel a little dizzy.
  • If you are dieting  (Dieting)  do not follow dieting after you lose weight, your weight and also increases.
  • If you do dieting  , then you feel hungry every once  in a while.
  • Dehydration is a large problem in dieting Kyuki body  (Dieting)  due to sodium causes loss.
  • If someone dieting  (Dieting)  have become more serious about, they never become a victim of the Depression. Taking less carbohydrate and sugar reduces the level of serotonin in the body, these are the happy hormones of our body, which keep the mind happy. This means less stress in the body.
  • Irritation remains, head is heavy, dizziness starts.
  • After doing physical work, you start feeling tired quickly.
  • Disease resistance is low, small infections in the body also begin to affect quickly.
  • Laziness, feel sleepy.

So you saw that there is more harm than benefit of dieting. Dieting should be done correctly on the advice of a doctor. It is done correctly according to the Proper Plan, only then it shows its good effect. Nowadays girls look after others and run after dieting. Do not do this, everyone’s body is not ready for dieting.

Health Desk.  Dieting is more dangerous than obesity. Obesity and loss of weight by consuming less calories and less food are very high. Research has shown that dieting does not reduce obesity but increases the risk of many diseases. Health experts say that people who lose weight by dieting, their weight increases after some time. In addition, changes in their eating and drinking habits lead to many health problems. Not only does dieting affect metabolism, it also worsens mental health. Researchers have reported 4 major losses from dieting. Know about them

1. Bad effect on metabolism

It is being told that the worst effect of dieting is on metabolicism. The worsening of metabolicism has a direct effect on health. People who go for dieting, their food and drink becomes very irregular. Due to this, the body should not get as much energy as it should get. In addition, metabolic rate is slowed down due to changes in eating and drinking, not getting the required amount of fat, protein and other things. This affects the functioning of every part of the body.

2. The biggest damage
to the intestines is health experts say that dieting is the most dangerous effect on the intestines. There are bacteria in the intestines according to body weight. They have a big role in the digestion and subsequent process of food. Dieting changes them. There are many types of bacteria associated with blood in the intestines, which affect blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. Not only this, after quitting diet, the bacteria present in the intestines again helps in weight gain.

3. Diet Increases Bad Fat
People who think that diet reduces their fat are in a big misunderstanding. Health experts say that many types of essential elements are not available to the body by dieting. Apart from this, the biggest disadvantage is that it causes the wrong type of fat to grow in the body, which can cause diabetes problems besides heart diseases. This can also cause irritation to the entire body. Not only this, the wrong kind of fat which is increased by dieting, has a worse effect on health than obesity and overweight.

Dieting terrible for mental health has been described by health experts as terrible for mental health. They say that dieting increases the risk of having problems like depression. It also weakens confidence and decreases the secretion of a chemical called serotonin. Low secretion of serotonin weakens neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters control many activities of our brain. Many problems such as loss of sleep, mood deterioration, anxiety and depression start to occur if they are not working properly. These problems are not easy to overcome.

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