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Diamond Buying Guide: 10 Famous Diamond Cuts and Shapes

The cut shape of a diamond is not the same as its shape. There are many nuances involved in forging a diamond.

A guide to the different sizes of diamonds.

Diamonds are any girl’s best friend? Is not it. From our dream wedding rings to statement bracelets and jewelery collections, diamonds are a must for women. However, from cutting these diamonds to making them shiny and giving a good shape, a lot of work is done on them. Because of this, you must keep these things in mind before buying diamond jewellery.

The cut of a diamond is never the same as its shape. The cut of the diamond is not the same as the shape. Cut refers to the symmetry, facets, polish and various other factors that are taken into consideration while shaping a diamond to ensure its shine.

“The most prominent cuts are revealed by their point of reflection. The round cut is the most sought after by the masses. Because the round cut retains maximum brightness, it has the most facets compared to any other shape. ” It is the favorite of most of the people when it comes to engagement rings. Round cut is followed by princess cut, heart cut and then cushion cut. But sometimes the best cut depends on one’s personal preference.

Most Famous Diamond Cuts

1. Round Cut
It is said to be classy and traditional, it suits women of all age groups and its shine is liked by women.

2. Princess Cut
Stylish and delicate, the square cut princess diamond is perfect for the trendy girl. It has an intense glow and looks great in every setting.

3. The cushion cut
is soft and classic to look at and has soft round corners. It also comes in different shapes and sizes which is preferred by women of all age groups.

4. ओवल कट
Modern, bold, slenderising, oval diamonds are great for those who like to stand out. They appear larger than round diamonds while making a woman’s finger look longer and more slender.

5. Emerald Cut Celebrated by
art enthusiasts and glamorous day, the emerald cut reflects the glamor of the diamond world and is lauded for its brilliance and class.

6. Asscher Cut
This cut is considered modern, vintage, dramatic and elegant and is best suited for women who love a vintage feel in their jewellery.

7. Radiant cut
Often considered unique and intricate, this cut is a perfect choice for women who prefer a square shaped diamond.

8. Marquis Cut

Style experts call it showy, unique and tall, and it looks perfect on little fingers. It is also known as football shaped marquis cut diamond. 

9. Peer Shape

It looks soft and elegant and is really a cross between round and marquis style. It looks beautiful in a halo setting.

10. Heart Shape

Romantic, sweet and loving, this cut is loved by lovers. It uses a heart-shaped piece in a solitaire setting, which makes it classy. 


Buy Diamond by paying 900 rupees per month, know how?

The most precious stone of the earth, Diamond (Diamond) you can now buy in your budget. The price of gold and silver does not stay anywhere before the price of diamond. Diamond is found only in few places in the world, that is why it is very valuable. Now you can buy this diamond by spending just Rs.900.

The first diamond trading market
news portal Zee News, publishing the news citing media sources, has written that the Indian Commodity Exchange (ICEX) has got permission from SEBI to start the world’s first diamond trading market which is for buying diamonds. SIP is going to start for retail consumers.

Diamond SIP
According to media sources, the exchange officials told that Diamond SIP is starting in India and it is not anywhere else in the world. Under the Diamond SIP scheme, the buyer has to open an account with the broker of ICEX.

Give your information on the lines of KYC,
after this you will have to deposit some money with the broker after completing the Know Your Client process. The buyer will also have to specify on which date of every month the broker will buy the diamond (in electronic form) for him.

Trading of three types of diamonds
ICEX is starting to trade three different sizes of diamonds – 30 cents, 50 cents and 100 cents (one carat). Like the stock market, the diamond contract will be traded in an electronic form commonly known as demat. Since the diamond will be available in demat form, there will be one thing in the favor of the buyer that he can buy even 1 cent diamond if he wants.

How much is a diamond worth?
As per the current price, the cost of a 30 cent diamond is Rs 24,000 i.e. Rs 900 per cent. If a person invests 900 rupees every month for 30 months, then after two and a half years the diamond will come in his hands. However, the SIP amount per month may vary depending on the price of the diamond in ICEX.

What happens if SIP is not deposited?
An ECIC official said that if the investor is unable to pay the SIP amount after a few months, then the amount of diamond he has bought like shares, will remain in his demat account, then he can start buying again whenever he wants. is.

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