If you are buying gold and silver then keep these special things in mind

How to purchase gold and silver

Be it poor or rich, everyone buys gold and silver. In such a situation, the gold and silver that we have bought, is it pure? If you bring only pure things to your home, for this it is important to pay attention to some things.

Collection of gold and silver is included in our tradition. Be it poor or rich, everyone buys these precious metals. In such a situation, the gold and silver that we have bought, is it pure? You bring only pure things to your home, for this it is important to pay attention to some things. Whether it is gold or silver, if the jewelery is pure, then it has a stamp of authenticity on it.

Only bullion shopkeepers who have a Bureau of India Standards (BIS) license can sell jewelery bearing the stamp of authenticity. The shop where you are going to buy the precious metals, if they are licensed, then their establishment will have the license information marked on them. Be careful in selecting the store before shopping.

Five seals that will authentic

The purity of gold jewelery depends on the five marks on it. Before buying, check whether the jewelery is subject to BIS standards. After that check the purity. For purity, you will have to mark any one of the seven numbers on the gold jewelry. 958 for 23 carat gold, 916 for 22 carat, 875 for 21 carat, 750 for 18 carat, 708 for 17 carat, 585 for 14 carat and 375 for 9 carat. The purest gold is 23 carat. The third symbol is the hallmarking center’s stamp. The names, addresses and logos of the centers are given on the website of BIS. The fourth mark is the year of marking, based on the code. The fifth and last mark is the identification mark of the jewellers. Similarly, you can also test in silver.

go to website

From the website of Bureau of Indian Standards website www.bis.org.in hallmarking centers to the names and addresses of the licensed jewelers can be found. If someone has given you jewelery without hallmark, then you can also complain about it.

When and How to Invest in Gold for High Returns

Gold buying is a very common occurrence in India. The love of the people here is well known. The buying of gold is at its peak during festivals, especially during the rich festivals like Dhanteras. Apart from this, a lot of gold is also bought in this country during the wedding season. Due to the large number of buyers, there are many options for buying gold in our country. Today we are going to tell you about some such options.

1. E-Gold
Sometime back the National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL) has launched the E-Gold scheme. It is an electronic process of buying gold. For this one can open a trading account with any official NSEL dealer. E-Gold can be traded like any other stock once the account is opened. Here 1 unit of e-gold is equal to one gram of gold. Any investor can buy and sell demat units during market hours. For physical delivery of gold, the investor should have e-gold in multiples of 8 grams or 8, 10 and 100 grams.

2. Gold Coins, Bars and Jewelery
Jewelery can be purchased from any jewelery shop. The bank uses gold coins and bars to trade in gold. While buying gold, it is necessary to take special care of its certification. It shows the quality of gold. While buying gold bars or coins, keep in mind its packing. Gold products should always be in a tamper-proof pack to prevent damage.

3. Hallmarked Certification
BIS certified jewelers can purchase hallmarked jewelery from any official hallmarking centre. Hallmark has 5 compounds. All these are printed in gold products. These compounds are – BIS mark, Excellence number, Hallmarking center mark, Jeweler’s identification mark and Year of marking.

Gold Price Today, 18 June 2021: Golden opportunity to buy gold! Up to Rs 9200 cheaper, silver also broke

Gold, Silver Rate Update, 18 June 2021: This may be the best opportunity to buy gold, as the price of gold has come down once again. Gold has fallen from the level of Rs 49,000 per 10 grams to the level of Rs 47,000.

Day Gold (MCX Aug Futures)      Gold, Silver Rate Update, 18 June 2021: This may be the best opportunity to buy gold, as the price of gold has come down once again. Gold has fallen from the level of Rs 49,000 per 10 grams to the level of Rs 47,000. This week gold futures have broken up to Rs 1500 so far.

MCX Gold: After yesterday’s big fall, today gold has opened with a slight strength. Gold is trading above Rs 47,000 with a strength of Rs 150. On Thursday, there was a big fall of 1500 rupees in gold. Gold had slipped up to Rs 46744 in intraday. The closing was also done below Rs 47,000.

gold price this week

Monday 48523/10 grams
Tuesday 48424/10 grams 
Wednesday 48506/10 grams 
Thursday 46958/10 grams 
Friday 46958/10 grams (Trading Continues)

Last week’s gold move

Day Gold (MCX Aug Futures)      
Monday 49143/
10gram Tuesday 49127/
10gram Wednesday 49124/ 
10gram Thursday 49198/ 
10gram Friday 48903/10gram

gold price two weeks ago

Day Gold (MCX June Futures)      
Monday 48821/10 grams
Tuesday 48995/10 grams
Wednesday 49601/10 grams (August Futures)
Thursday 48677/10 grams (August Futures) 
Friday 48994/10 grams (August Futures)

Gold cheaper by around Rs 9200 from the highest level

Last year, due to the Corona crisis, people had invested heavily in gold, in August 2020, the price of 10 grams of gold on MCX reached the highest level of Rs 56191. Today gold is at the level of Rs 47000 per 10 grams on August futures MCX, that is, it is still getting cheaper by about Rs 9200.

MCX Silver: There was a strong fall in silver futures on Thursday. The price slipped below Rs 68,000 per 10 grams. Yesterday silver futures closed with a big fall of Rs 3870 per kg. Today silver futures are trading with a gain of Rs 800 per kg. This week silver futures have fallen by Rs 3600.

Silver move this week

Silver Day (MCX Jul – Futures)    
Monday 71879/kg  
Tuesday 71248/kg
Wednesday 71468/kg 
Thursday 67599/kg 
Friday 68343/kg (Trading Ongoing)

Silver move last week 

Silver Day (MCX Jul – Futures)    
Monday 71817/kg  
Tuesday 71231/kg
Wednesday 71884/kg
Thursday 71999/kg
Friday 72227/kg

Silver cheaper by Rs 11700 from its all-time high

The highest level ever of silver is Rs 79,980 per kg. Accordingly, silver is also cheaper by about Rs 11700 from its highest level. Today, July futures of silver are at Rs 68300 per kg.

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