Investing in  building land Real estate projects

Investing in  building land
Real estate projects

Investing in a garage or parking
space Parking spaces in the center of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague are scarce. Especially in cities with high parking costs, it is lucrative to buy and rent out a garage or parking space.

Depending on the city, you can purchase a garage box between 10,000 and 50,000 euros, which you can rent out for an amount of 50 to 150 euros. In addition, there are also parking spaces for sale in the residents’ section of a parking garage or near an apartment complex. Often certain conditions apply to the sale.

Nederland offers the option to invest in garage boxes. They pretend to achieve a gross initial yield of 9%. View the video and the return example on the website.
also creates garage boxes in which to invest. They provide a one-year rental guarantee and a return of up to 7.5%. They focus on the growing group of freelancers who need a garage for storage.

Investing in  building land
Real estate projects need building land. Purchasing building land can be an interesting in-depth investment. You can buy a lot and have a private person build on it. Especially if you can buy a lot in the Randstad or near Schiphol, you can easily make a profit on it. If you own land and want to rent it out as a plot, this can only be done to private individuals. Leasing to private individuals is not possible, this can only be done on a business basis. Renting out a plot is usually realized by a municipality or recreation park, and rarely by a private owner.

Bouwkavels Online presents an overview of building lots and example homes in the Netherlands. With a clear map you can see at a glance where the lot is located.

Funda Business has a wide collection of building land that is for sale for commercial use.
27. Investing in Dutch agricultural
land Purchasing land that is used as agricultural land as a private individual can yield a return of 2 to 3 percent per year. You receive income from letting to farmers, but also from hunters who manage the land in exchange for hunting rights. Investing in agricultural land only makes sense if you can invest a few tons. But if you have a smaller amount to invest, you can do this in a foreign agricultural sector. Frisian Investors, for example, has been successful in purchasing agricultural land in Romania for ten years now.

Staal Makelaars writes that a return of 1.5-3% is realistic when you invest in agricultural land. provides an overview of the prices of agricultural land. You can use this as a guide to check whether the asking price is realistic.
28. Investing in business mortgages
Investing in business mortgages – If you have the opportunity to invest business money, you can buy business premises and take out a business mortgage on it. The term of a home mortgage is 30 years. The period for commercial space is often 20 to 25 years. Usually you can pay off a business mortgage without penalty. The lender’s assessment of you as an entrepreneur does influence the level of the interest. The advantage is that you can fully deduct the business mortgage interest as an expense item from your operating result.

The Chamber of Commerce provides extensive information about taking out a business mortgage. What you should pay attention to and what the costs and benefits are.
The company May bring together investors and entrepreneurs looking for a business mortgage. Investors can expect 4.5% to 6% interest per year.
29. Investing in a savings account
It is always useful to have your own savings account. Having an amount in reserve for unforeseen expenses gives a carefree feeling. Although the current savings interest rate is very low, it pays to find out at which bank the highest savings interest is paid. If you are sure that you will not use your savings for a longer period of time, you can also place it in a deposit with a term of your choice. Your money is then fixed for a longer period of time, but you will receive a higher interest.

Compare savings accounts and open an account where you receive the highest interest at an attractive term. Often these are deposits.
Nibud contains a wealth of information about financial matters, such as savings. They discuss savings methods and various alternatives.
30. Investing in existing debt
Always settle debts to family members as soon as possible. This is not only good for the mutual relationship, but you no longer have to pay interest costs debt-free. You will then be given room to invest your money in a different way. If you have received a student grant, there are different repayment rules depending on the period in which you received the student grant. The options are listed on the DUO website.

Money Wise offers clear and practical tips to get rid of your debts.
Regulatory aid from the national government has drawn up an article for those who are just a little further in trouble, and who do not get rid of their debts easily.
31. Investing in cash back sites
If you regularly buy items online, you can get a refund after your purchase by purchasing products through a cash back site such as . By clicking through to your favorite web shops from the cashback site, you can, for example, buy electronics, telecom products, travel, clothing or insurance at a discount. Web shops benefit from large numbers of visitors. By working with a cashback provider, a webshop is more often in view and this works as additional advertising for the webshop. This rewards the visit by giving away an extra discount. The discount will be refunded by the cashback site. For certain products you will receive a lower price or discount that lies between 4 and 8%.
is a well-known cashback website where you can open an account for free. After this you can arrive via their website in almost all renowned web shops in the Netherlands. is a second major cashback website. If you want to benefit from cashback in the widest possible range, it is wise to register with both parties.
32. Investing in cannabis
This used to be unthinkable, but since the medical legalization of marijuana in Canada and now 30 of the 50 states of America, cannabis has been on the map as big business. Investing in weed is already underway. For example, Constellation Brands, one of the largest US beer companies, recently invested $ 4 billion in Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth. As a Dutch person you can invest in all popular cannabis stocks such as Canopy Growth (WEED), Aurora Cannabis (ACB), Tilray Inc (TLRY) and CARA Therapeutics (CARA). The price of these shares has consistently risen since their inception and is therefore worth investigating.

Canopy Growth  strives to become the largest and most important player in medicinal and recreational cannabis products. More info on their website.
Aurora Cannabis is the second major Canadian player in the medicinal marijuana in which you can buy shares. View the  Aurora price on  here  for a current valuation.

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