Meny type gold investment tips here

33. Invest in rare LEGO
We’ve all played with it so know what we’re talking about: LEGO! The colored blocks have been around since 1932 and it is those older rare pieces and kits that render well over time. Unopened LEGO sets can yield an 11% return year over year. The ING has followed LEGO fan Kevin and turned it into a nice item. Jeff Maciorowski from gives the tip: look for the large (preferably unopened) rare sets with thousands of pieces. Ideally related to a movie, series or brand. Such as Star Wars, Ninja Turtles, Disney, etc. On the Dutch auction site CataWiki you will also find many good performing sets.
Brickpicker  is the website where you can follow the values ​​of Lego items. The forum and blog are also a source of information.
Olgo  is a LEGO webshop where you can buy rare sets in the Netherlands.
On Marktplaats you can find rare LEGO by simply  sorting by ‘highest price’ . Here you can also sell your sets again.
34. Investing in sport horses
Do you love horses or do you have a daughter who is a big horse fan, then an investment in sport horses could be interesting for you. How it works? You simply buy a foal at an auction and then have it professionally cared for for 3 years. After that, an X-ray examination will take place. If this is positive, you can continue to train the horse. After about 4 years you can sell the horse for an amount between 25,000 and 200,000 euros. The Jumping Horse Fund can then buy up your horse. The risk is relatively high. If the horse does not pass the inspection, you will only receive 5000 for it on the normal market.  If you don’t know much about horses yourself, you can hitch a ride through the aforementioned fund. A horse as property can also be fiscally attractive as a company. Here  you will find valuable research from a tax specialist.
The Jumping Horse  Fund offers the option of subscribing from 25,000 euros in a fund that buys and sells professional jumping horses.
The KWPN  has one of the largest sport horse studbooks in the world. You can also buy and sell horses.  offers a marketplace where you can buy and sell horses.
35. Investing in Cobalt
Not a sexy subject, but definitely crucial in our society for electrical appliances: the use of (rechargeable) batteries. The raw material of this is cobalt and 80% of all cobalt extracted is used in China for lithium batteries.  Investing is interesting because the demand is greater than the supply (110,000 tons in total). Especially in the electric car industry (Tesla, etc.).  Investments can be made by buying cobalt-related shares. Investigate Brazilian mining company Vale (VALE), major Chinese cobalt producer China Molybdenum, investment company Cobalt 27 (KBLT), First Cobalt (TSXV: FCC) and BlueBird Battery Metals (TSXV: BATT).
Hinmeijer  sells cobalt per 100 grams. You pay € 149.70 incl. VAT for this. This way you can bring the metal into your home, just like gold or silver, and have it profitable on the shelf.

36. Investing in rare stampsA forum discussion about cobalt has been  going on on since 2017  . Read the last pages for a status update.
Investing in stamps can not only generate money, but is also fun to do. And you don’t have to leave the house. You can buy stamps as an investment through auction sites such as Catawiki. The most expensive stamp ever, the One-Cent Ma-genta, raised nearly 7 million euros (€ 6,978,439) at Sotheby’s in New York. Postage yields seem to rise as stock prices go up. Collecting stamps is fun, you have something tangible at home. At the Dutch Stamp and Coin Auction (NPV) in Weesp, an auction is held 4 times a year. When investing in stamps, do not opt ​​for a special copy such as a misprint, but for copies that are regularly traded.
Catawiki  is the Dutch auction site where valuable stamps are offered. You will find both single stamps and complete sets from all over the world.
The Dutch Stamp and Coin Auction  (NVP) organizes annual physical stamp auctions. Interesting to meet other experts and investors.
37. Investing in oil
Investing in oil can be done in several ways. Because the share price of, for example, Royal Dutch Shell or Exxon is indirectly linked to the price of oil, this is the safest variant. If you want to take more risks, you can also buy futures through a broker such as DEGIRO or LYNX. Futures prices are based on how much the market thinks oil will be worth when the future expires. The most famous crude oils traded are the Brent Crude and the West Texas Intermediate. If you want to spend less money and do not dread a lot of investment risk, highly experienced investors can buy a so-called Turbo or Booster through a commercial bank such as BNP Paribas. By means of a leverage effect you can profit from price fluctuations for a relatively low amount
Royal Dutch Shell’s share  is an indirect investment in oil. Follow the sentiment closely and find out quickly whether you should buy or sell more shares.
VEB  has written a clear piece about how turbos and boosters work.
Brent Crude  and  West Texas Intermediate  provide a direct picture of the current oil price in dollars per barrel.
38. Investing in drones
Drones can be used for everything. The coast guard can have them throw out a life jacket, they can plant seeds very quickly, but they can also be used for inspections of windmills, for example. The market for drones is therefore growing rapidly.  Until now, most drones are used by the government. A major player in the field of military drones is AeroVironment from California. The Chinese company DJI is that for the commercial market and has a market share of 85%.  It is difficult to invest in drones yourself. It is better to invest in shares of companies that are engaged in the development of drone technology in practice. If you want to earn money with drones yourself, you can buy a drone as an entrepreneur and lease it to another company. Here you first need a training from, for example, Space53 or Drone Flight Company and a permit.
DJI  is the market leader in the commercial private and corporate drone market.
Space53  offers training to pilot a drone. The University of Twente, Saxion Hogescholen and ROC van Twente are involved in this.
DFC  specializes in the use of drones for the business market and helps obtain ROC-Light and RPA-L certificates.
39. Investing in diamonds
Diamonds are a stable investment. A diamond is bought separately and that always includes an HRD, GIA or IGI certificate. This describes the quality and guarantees the authenticity. Although the diamond trade traditionally takes place in Antwerp, nowadays you can also buy diamonds online. The closer to the source – so with as few intermediaries as possible – you buy diamonds, the more profit you can get. The most beautiful diamond is not the best investment, but it is precisely the diamonds with a lower carat that are easy to trade and are therefore more in demand. Keep in mind that diamonds are a long-term investment. Much information can be found on the Baunatdiamonds or Antwerpdiamonds website.
Antwerp Diamonds Direct  has written a handy guide to investing in diamonds. What should you pay attention to? The shape, color, purity, certificates and more.
Baunat Diamonds  is an expert in all things diamonds. Read an article about how to start investing in diamonds.
40. Investing in REITs
The abbreviation REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trust. A REIT is a type of investment fund issued by a company that invests in the purchase of commercial real estate. The aim is to rent out this property. Issuing REITs was originally conceived in the US to enable smaller investors to also invest in real estate. In a REIT, 90% of the income must be distributed to shareholders in the form of dividends. Until now, this income for investors at these FBI institutions is still taxed at the dividend tax rate rather than the higher income tax rate. Dutch providers of REITs are, for example, ECP, NSI, Wereld have and .
NSI  is a listed ( NSI NV ) real estate company that invests in commercial real estate in prime locations in the Netherlands.
NV  is listed on the stock exchange ( WHA ) and invests in shopping centers in the somewhat smaller Dutch municipalities.
is a listed ( VASTN ) real estate company that invests in stores with a premium inventory (luxury products and services).
41. Investing in pokemon cards
Although the hype surrounding the Pokemon cards has been behind us for a few years, there is considerable money to be made by investing in the right Pokemon cards. On Markt plaats or EBay you will find thousands of providers who want to clean up their stock, but have no idea what its value is. By purchasing these collections for a low amount, you can use this investment to sell the most requested and valuable cards yourself for a higher amount. Learn more about it and make a good description of the cards you have in your possession. Make sure you know which cards have been requested. You can find more information about the cards in which you can best invest on the website of .
This  instruction  explains how much your card is worth.
On  this Ebay page  you will find rare Pokemon sets. The sellers are spread worldwide.
On  this Markt plaats page  you will find rare Pokemon cards of the Dutch. You can possibly resell this on the international Ebay.
42. Investing in personnel
If you want to grow your business, it is necessary to invest in additional staff. Competences, experience and skills are important, but not everything. Do not automatically choose a young employee, but first look at a senior employee. A good senior performs just as much as 2 junior employees, but with a senior you only pay one salary. Every year of work experience pays off. These employees often have a large network, are eager to perform and, due to their many years of experience, speak the language of the customer. As a result, they contribute more quickly to the operating result. If you hardly have a budget, offering an internship is an option. Interns have an open mindset and can carry out an assignment that can help your company further
The ABN AMRO has written a  good piece  about investing in senior employees to grow your company.
This page on  explains well how you can hire a suitable intern and develop it further for the growth of your company.
43. Investing in E-sports
Gaming or e-sports (its competition form) has become a major industry in recent years. Worldwide there are already 2.5 billion people involved in gaming. Competitions are organized – such as with DOTA 2 – where the prize money is already a total of 30 million dollars. As a gamer you can also win hefty cash prizes with . As a non-gamer, you can invest in shares of companies that develop games such as Activision Blizzard, offer services such as Twitch, or market consoles such as Sony (Playstation). You can also invest in the entire gaming industry by purchasing specific  such as : US and .
This English article  on Investing News takes a detailed look at reports from Deloitte and  that investigated the gaming market.
Read  an interesting piece about the rising prize pool in online game Dota 2 here. It has passed the 30 million dollars.
44. Investing in rare coins
Old rare coins can be an interesting investment. Every now and then you hear about a record price at an auction, such as the VOC coin of 1728 from , which raised more than 196,000 euros in May of this year. Most people who want to invest in coins turn to coins that were previously used as a means of payment or special editions, such as silver tenner coins or commemorative coins. Sometimes there are coin collections in the attic waiting to be discovered. The value of this can be determined by MPO / Heritage Auctions Europe in . Buyers and sellers can find each other (also online) at this auction house. You can also buy a large selection of both Dutch and foreign coins via the  website.
Heritage Auctions Europe  is an auction house where you can also have your coins valued. A new auction is organized every few months.  offers the option to buy and sell single coins or entire coin sets. You will find the 10 guilder coin from 1826 on which William I is on. Asking price: 25,000.00 euros.
45. Investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Or ‘artificial intelligence’ in Dutch. AI is used in an awful lot of ways. AI is used in production processes to produce more efficiently. But Netflix, for example, also uses it to give you movie suggestions.  Investing in AI can be done in several ways. Besides the companies that use AI to produce articles, you can also invest in companies that collect or store data in the cloud.  In the coming years, IT service providers, data centers and cyber-security companies in particular will experience growth. By investing in shares of these types of companies, it is possible to achieve an interesting return.  You can also invest in yourself by following a training to become an AI specialist: business is then at your feet.
Towards Data Science listed  the 15 most important companies  working with AI.
OpenAI  is an organization that conducts research into AI with the aim of making it make a positive contribution to humans. Microsoft recently  invested $ 1 billion  in OpenAI.

This investment document by ABN AMRO discusses AI and more important changes in the market.

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