Investing money 25 Best investment tips for 2021

Investing in real estateInvesting money 25 Best investment tips for 2021 

If you want to invest your money ‘in bricks’ and you already have a mortgage, you can now also benefit from the appreciation of other homes. You do this by investing in real estate funds, real estate crowdfunding or by purchasing an extra house or building plot for rental. Also read: investing in real estate. Investing in the first two options can be done through companies that buy homes from private individuals and then rent them back to the old owner.

The old owner does not have to move and benefits from the equity received. You as an investor benefit from the rent that is paid and the value-stable object. An interest rate of 5% to 8% has turned out to be realistic in recent years (2018-2019).

  With Vondellaan Vastgoed you invest in Dutch rental properties and you receive up to 8% interest. A low deposit of 1000 euros is possible.

Corum Investments is a real estate fund that realizes up to 7.9% gross return per year. They keep risks low by spreading over 6 real estate sectors in 16 countries.
SynVest an investment institution that invests in Dutch real estate, among other things. This means 7.8% interest. In 2019 they won the Cashcow Award for best real estate investment provider.

3. Investing in loans (P2P)
Do you want to invest money for a high return with relatively fast results? Then so-called P2P (peer-to-peer) loans are interesting. These are credits provided by investors (like you) to credit seekers without the intervention of a bank. A P2P platform brings you and credit seekers together. Credit seekers can have both private and business plans with the money. Think of a renovation or setting up a new company with a company car.

Every credit seeker who registers on the platform goes through an inspection process. For example, he / she must receive sufficient monthly income to be able to repay the credit on time. In general, approved parties are also eligible for a loan from a normal bank. After approval, a loan contract is drawn up and signed, just like with a regular bank. The loan is then paid by several investors and paid to the private individual via the P2P platform. 5 Known platforms that are currently active:
Mintos is one of the largest international credit marketplaces. Almost € 3.8 billion has already been invested through Mintos. The interest is on average 11.92% per year.

Fellow Finance from Finland is the largest P2P platform in Northern Europe. You invest in private individuals and companies and receive an average interest rate of 7 to 10%.
Invest in solar panels
Placing solar panels on your house has many advantages. They are not only good for the environment, but also save energy costs. Depending on the location of your house, the number of solar cells, the angle of inclination of the panels, the quality of your installation and of course the number of hours of sunshine per year, you can make a calculation.

With solar panels you can invest green and achieve an attractive return. The payback period is around seven years. You put the proceeds of the electricity that you earn after 16 years in your pocket. If you can buy the panels collectively, the cost price is even lower and your payback time is therefore shorter.

Solease rents out solar panels. This way you keep your money in the bank and save on your energy bill. Maintenance, repairs and insurance are also arranged. You can do a free ‘roof check’ on the Solease website.

Quotation Comparer brings you into contact with dozens of solar panel providers. On their site you can calculate the costs and savings and request free quotes.

The Eigen Huis association explains well what you can achieve with solar panels.

5. Investing in a webshop
Do you have a few tens of thousands of euros or tons to spend? Then you can consider buying a successful existing webshop. This will continue to make a profit if the technical basis is good, competition is not too great and the demand from the market is maintained. You can outsource this work to an experienced freelancer or media agency. You can also set up and set up your own webshop within a few clicks. This is interesting because it is increasingly easy to set up your webshop as a ‘dropshipping webshop’. You then sell through your webshop, after which the wholesaler (eg AliExpress) sends the products to your customers. This way you don’t need your own stock.

Webshop Acquisition offers a wide range of successful web shops. Scroll through all the sites and create an account for free to see more information.
Shopify offers the possibility to create a webshop within a few steps. You can also set this up as a dropshipper. You can try it for free for the first month.
6. Investing in crypto coins (eg Bitcoin)

Buying cryptos and trading currencies such as Bitcoins, Ethereum and Ripple is done through an online broker.

The value of cryptocurrency is determined by the height of the demand. Prices of most cryptocurrencies are very volatile and the bitcoin price never goes up on its own.

If you really want to speculate, there are brokers where you can invest in cryptocurrency CFDs in addition to crypto coins. There is speculation on the price gains that cryptocurrencies can make. Due to the leverage that this creates, your profit will increase as soon as the price rises, and if all goes well, you can receive a high return on your investment.

Cryptocurrencies can be an interesting part of your overall investment. You determine how large the crypto share in your portfolio should be.

Litebit is the largest Dutch broker in cryptos and is unique with their Litebit wallet with which you can manage 56+ coins in one wallet environment.

Bitvavo is another large Dutch Exchange where you can buy and sell 49 different currencies.

Trezor is one of the best hard wallet makers. Here you store your purchased cryptos offline. This way they become 100% your property and you will not lose them when an exchange is hacked.

7. Investing in startups
Do you want to help entrepreneurs to develop their business, but also invest wisely in companies? Crowdfunding offers a small business the opportunity to obtain a business loan. You can get up to 8% interest on your loaned money through various platforms. Another option is to invest from € 20 by investing in startups. So you can invest small amounts for beginners. With this investment, you choose a share in the company or a convertible bond. The annual interest is not paid out, but added to your invested amount. At the end of the term you can convert this bond into a share, which you can possibly sell.
Symbid gives you the option to invest money in startups that ask for seed capital via the website. After your investment you become a shareholder and you benefit from future growth.
Crowd About Now is a crowdfunding platform where entrepreneurs are connected with investors. You can lend money to startups for a return. Some startups offer the option to buy shares. Especially catering and shops.
8. Investing in Dutch films
When investing in Dutch films you are in the first rank in several senses. You can invest money in Dutch films at film funds, such as Film Investment or Euro Growth Films. As a participant you invest in the partnership that organizes the financing, production and exploitation of a film or television series. The return expected by Euro growth films is high and is around 18-20%. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with the regulations of the Tax Authorities regarding the settlement of the profit. As a participant you can be mentioned in the credits, but you can sometimes also play a role as an extra in your own film.

EuroGroei Films is a provider of film funds in the Netherlands. You can invest money in Dutch films and series. The expected return differs per production and can amount to 20%. Before you invest, you can request a free prospectus.
9. Investing in foreign micro credit
If you find social return more important than financial return, you can also invest in people abroad. A small business can start with the help of a micro credit, so that a starting entrepreneur in a developing country can provide for his own existence. Via Oxfam Novib, Oikokrediet or Kwasa, for example, microcredits are provided to small companies via an investment fund. The financial return to be achieved is between 0.5 – 3% per year. You can withdraw your money monthly for free, so investing is without risk.
Oiko Credit offers the option to invest in micro credits. A fund has been set up for this. Social investment plays the leading role. The interest you receive is relatively low.
ASN-Novib Microcredit fund of ASN bank invests your investments in entrepreneurs in less developed countries. The return has been 2.85% on average over the past 5 years.

10. Investing in the hospitality industry
With an average return of 6.27%, you can invest in catering from € 250. Via, for example, you choose a risk (star) classification yourself as an investor. This rating assesses the likelihood that the entrepreneur will repay his loan. The more risk, the higher the interest. The catering loan is repaid monthly, whereby both interest and repayment are repaid via an annuity calculation. In addition to financial returns, a return in kind is often paid with catering financing. This way the knife cuts both ways. On the website you will find the industry association of Dutch Crowdfunding parties.

Horeca Crowdfunding Netherlands is a platform where you can invest in catering initiatives. You determine the maximum risk that you want to run. The average return is 6.32%.
CrowdFund Markt is a crowdfunding platform with a category that is 100% focused on the hospitality industry. Here you will find recent projects in the Netherlands. Returns can be up to 8% here.

Invest in a solar park
Investing in a solar park – There are several options for investing in solar energy projects. For example, you can buy an entire panel or a share in a solar panel park. With an investment from 25 Euro, you can invest with little money. The purchase, operation and maintenance costs of the solar energy projects are then paid from this. Payment can take place because you as a customer of the operating energy company purchase the electricity from them for, for example, 15 years. But you can also opt for a payment of the solar power generated by you. The return is approximately 6.6% per year.

Solar Greenpoint is a party where you can register for a realization project of a solar park near you.
Green Crowd is a platform where sustainable initiatives are realized through crowdfunding. Solar parks regularly feature here as a new project.
12. Investing in Dutch wind turbines
Living off the wind appears to be possible if you want to invest money in wind energy. A private windmill is not profitable for a private individual. You can, however, buy ‘a piece’ of a windmill at various De Windcentrale projects. This is becoming increasingly popular and appeals to the Dutch. As a private individual, you can invest sustainably in a wind farm through parties such as Meewind and WindShareFund. All these providers respond to the endless energy flow from wind and the growing acceptance of wind turbines in the landscape.

Meewind is an investment fund that focuses on wind energy. You can invest money in multiple funds with an expected return of 6 to 7%.
WindShareFund is a fund that invests in wind turbines in Germany. You can get in from 500 euros and from 7,000 euros you are climate neutral. You receive an annual return of 5%.
Invest in watches
A beautiful watch is not only a valuable asset, but can also be an interesting trade item in which you want to invest your safe savings. There is also demand on the second-hand market for a beautiful watch such as the Fromanteel, designed in Amsterdam. Those who want to get real money from their watch do this best by delving into exclusive vintage watches. If you want to buy a vintage gold Rolex, you can do this for half the new price. But more and more enthusiasts are buying a Breitling from the 1960s in addition to Rolex. Because the demand from other parts of the world is also increasing, you can sell a special watch with a substantial return in the coming years.

Horlogeloods sells interesting brands such as Seiko. Here you can find bargains to resell.
Amsterdam Vintage Watches (AVW) is a Dutch leader in vintage watches and useful as a gauge and possible purchases.
Catawiki is the online auction where you can auction and buy valuable watches in addition to antiques. Also as a source of inspiration.
Invest in whiskey

How can investing in good whiskey make money? Single malt Scotch Whiskey is an exclusive product and the older single malts are certainly scarce. There is a demand for these products from China, but wealthy Russians are also potential buyers.

You can buy whiskey as an investment, for example by trading bottles via Ebay. On the website of the Dutch Musthave Malts you can discover rare brands / bottles as inspiration.

If you have a big budget (25k +) you can also buy whole barrels directly from a distillery. If you have less knowledge of whiskey yourself, you can go to Scotch Whiskey International in Sassenheim, where you can have a portfolio of whiskey furnished if you wish. The company itself states that the best returns are only achieved after 10 to 15 years.

Scotch Whiskey International is a whiskey fund founded by Michel Kappen (ex-Rabobank / interview). The return fluctuates around 7%. Today, 65 million euros has been invested.
World Whiskey Index is a trading platform where you can auction and buy whiskey.
Rare Whiskey 101 offers the option to evaluate whiskey for value. You must first create an account.
Invest in classic cars
The number of classic cars is steadily increasing. In 2015 there were about 120,000, in 2018 there were already more than 140,000. You can earn money by buying and selling classic cars. You buy it for, for example, 15,000 euros, drive it and sell it after a few years with a profit of a few thousand euros. But if you really want to make a lot of profit, it is better to invest in a rare model such as Ferrari, Porsche or an Aston Martin. At the moment it is not yet possible to resell classic cars to China. If this is allowed, the demand for all classic cars will increase enormously.
Marktplaats is the meeting place where dealers in classic cars of all caliber find each other. You will find refurbishers to fully restored gems.
AutoTrader is a popular marketplace for classic cars, among others. Here you will find all well-known brands offered by both private individuals and car dealers.
16. Investing in electric charging stations
Electric driving is increasingly popular and that includes charging. Buy or lease a charging station to earn money. With your own charging station in front of the door, you no longer have to use a public charging station. And if you have solar panels, the knife cuts both ways. You can also drive a car with the energy you generate yourself. You also have the option to make your pole available to others. You can of course ask for a fee for this and earn extra money. 6 cents per kWh (business rate) is customary. From 2020, entrepreneurs with a large parking space will even be obliged to invest in an electric charging station.
Charge Compass offers charging points for private individuals and businesses. As a company it is interesting to purchase this and then ask for money from employees (or other entrepreneurs) for its use.
EvBox also offers charging stations for charging at home or at the office. An investment can be recouped by using it yourself and offering it to neighbors and / or entrepreneurs and employees.
17. Investing in gold & silver

When stock prices fall, people often choose to invest in gold or silver, because the price of gold will then rise.

The price of silver rises and falls more than that of gold, because the market is smaller. Buying physical gold or silver will only generate income from the sale. You wear jewelery and therefore get extra value in addition to the gold price, but loose coins or a coin collection are often only in the cupboard.

If you want to invest in gold, you can also buy a gold bar, or a gold bar. This exists in variants between 1 and 100 grams. Make sure that you are doing business with a party that has an AFM license.

Gold Investment offers the option to buy physical gold with a 10% discount on the current gold price. The gold comes straight from the Ruby Creek Resources gold mine and is 99.99% pure gold.
Holland Gold is a second party where you can buy physical gold and silver as an investment. Think of gold bars, coins and bars. All from recognized suppliers such as Umicore.
18. Investing in art
Not everyone finds a new Rembrandt. Still, investing in art can yield returns. There is plenty of affordable art for sale. For example, you can buy an image or painting at Catawiki’s online auction or at the Affordable Art Fair. Buying art through an art dealer is more expensive than through a gallery. If you want to buy art purely as an investment, you can look for work from 30 to 40 years old by a lesser known artist. In addition, it seems that art by female artists will increase in price, according to art adviser Willem Baars.
Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam is an event where you can buy affordable art that will increase in value over time. They also have an online shop with an interesting collection.
This ING article on ‘art management’ is full of valuable information about the art market and how to see and enter it. The article includes 10 useful tips.
19. Investing in sneakers
Investing in new models of sneakers that will be sold in limited numbers generates a lot of money. Enthusiasts are very keen to own a pair of shoes where few are made of. Especially the brands Nike and Adidas are in demand. By producing certain models in a limited edition (limited edition), the manufacturers keep the demand high in this way. Not all models can be profitable. So make sure you know in advance which model, color and finish is required.
Ebay is the international marketplace for collectors and traders in all things rare. Here you buy and sell rare sneakers to fans and other dealers.
Sole Collector publishes the launch dates of new (limited edition) sneakers. By following this site you will know in advance whether rare sneakers are coming.
20. Investing in improving your own home
If you want to renovate or renovate your house, it makes sense to have the house re-appraised afterwards. Because you get an increase in the home value as a result of the increase in value, the risk for the mortgage lender is lower. With a mortgage you always pay a risk premium. This bit of interest surcharge can vary between 0.1 and 1%. Depending on the type of mortgage, it may be interesting to inquire at the bank whether they wish to reduce or remove the risk premium for your mortgage. Your interest charges will then be lower. Even borrowing money for a renovation can yield more in the long term due to the increase in the value of the home.
Radar has written a lot about risk storage. Here you can read detailed explanation and how you can proceed to lower it.
Consumentenbond concludes that it certainly pays to take a closer look at the value of your home. Also visit the website of your mortgage lender for the options to adjust the mortgage interest in the interim.
21. Investing in your mortgage
Usually you can repay a certain percentage, usually 10%, sometimes even 20%, per year on your mortgage without penalty. If you pay off on your mortgage, you also lose a piece of interest deduction. If you can pay off your mortgage considerably, you may miss out on a tax benefit due to the lower interest costs, but your net living costs will ultimately be lower. You can also try to set aside the money that you receive monthly as a provisional refund from the tax authorities and use it annually as an additional repayment.
Radar + has written a valuable article about whether or not you should choose to pay off your mortgage.
The Eigen Huis association has also published an extensive article about paying off your mortgage. Together with Radar + two sources you should definitely check when considering this form of investment.
22. Investing in a rental property
If you have the opportunity, it is a good investment to buy and rent an additional home. Consider, for example, an apartment in a larger city. In this way you can invest in real estate and cuts both ways: you receive rental income and can potentially benefit from an increase in value in the future. Financing is a bit more difficult to arrange. The bank often asks a lot of its own money and only finances the market value in the rented state. Mortgage interest deduction is only possible for the house in which you live yourself. is a specialist in the sale of investment properties. If you already own a (rented) property, take a look at the website.
Wegwijs offers, among other things, information when buying a second home that you can use for rental. This is not easy, so read carefully which conditions apply.
23. Investing in a holiday home
What could be better than buying and renting out your own holiday home abroad? You can enjoy it yourself, but beware: there are different rules per country for determining the equity, the profit on sale or the profit on rental. Also find out carefully whether and how much tax you have to pay on the rental income. To finance a foreign holiday home you do have to finance a considerable part yourself. For an additional mortgage, you usually have to go to a bank in the country in question. Therefore, be well informed.
Second Home writes about purchasing and / or owning a holiday home. A handy article including calculation and information on how to deal with tax abroad.
24. Investing in a holiday home
More and more parks offer you the opportunity to buy a holiday home in a holiday park with the aim of renting it out for most of the year. The renowned parks often also arrange the rental for you, so that you can already buy a holiday home with a low equity capital. You can finance fixed costs, interest and repayment from the rental income. The projects offer a return of 5-7.5% per year. The location is very important. Currently, there is a high demand for homes on the coast. The disadvantage is that holiday homes age faster than a regular house and maintenance is therefore expensive.
RTL Nieuws has devoted extensive attention to this subject including video. Conclusion: there is growth in this market, but keep an eye out for the snags.
The AD has also investigated and is sharing their findings online. A high return does not seem to be self-evident. Read the article and decide for yourself what your findings are.

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