51 Best Small Business Ideas in New Business Idea 

51 Best Small Business Ideas in Hindi New Business Idea 

If you want to know about Small Business Ideas , then you have reached the right place here. Here in this Business Article you will be given 51 Low Investment Business Ideas out of which you can become a Good Businessman by choosing any Business Idea.

Nowadays, the trend of business is increasing a lot. Many want people Small Business but Best Business Ideas can not find that is why he can not become a good businessman.

Business ideas

Now, rather than the people’s attention Fix Payment Any Job is more attracted to the SSI (Small Business) because people want to get a Fix Salary work of another, but here there’s a Low Investment Business Want Which could give them Financial Freedom .

Nowadays there are many such business opportunities which you can also become a successful businessman by adopting them.

In today’s time, you will get many online business ideas which you can do online earning by adopting them. Also, if you want to do some business sitting at home, then you will also get many cottage industries (Home Business Ideas) from which you can earn millions of rupees every month while sitting at home.

People want to do small business but they are not able to do any good business due to their low investment. But nowadays the business for less money (Business Ideas With Low Investment) are also a Small Investment Business is called and which can be easily either.

These Low Investment Business USP is that they Students, Men, Women, Housewives, Youths no one can.

Best Small Business Ideas In Hindi

Now I am going to tell you about 51 Small Business Ideas. You can do it according to your choice of any small scale industry or Business Idea:

1- Small Grocery Shop

(Grocery store)

Grocery Shop is one of the very best Small Business Ideas. This is a long term business as the demand for Grocery never decreases. One special thing of the Grocery Shop is that it does not require any talent while Earning becomes very good in it.

The Grocery Shop should be opened in an area where many people live nearby and there is no Big Grocery Shop at the same time.

To make your Grocery Shop popular, you can also create a website in its name, in which you can give all your products along with the price and put it in front of people as an online store. By providing good service, you can increase your earning very much.

2-  Mobile  Fast  Food  Van

(Mobile Fast Food Van)

Nowadays fast food business is a very fast growing business because people are very fond of fast food nowadays. Mobile fast food van is a very good business opportunity that you can start in low investment only.

The owner of most mobile fast food van is his owner, but you can earn a lot of money by running this fast food business in another way . You have to become owner and own several fast food van by giving jobs to other people.

With this, you can have a lot of mobile fast food van run at once. In truth, it is one of the good business ideas from which you can earn very good money.

3-  Electronic  Repair  Shop

(Electronic  repair shop)

The Electronic Repair Shop is also one of the best Small Scale Business Ideas. Nowadays everybody is buying electronic goods a lot because these electronic goods have made the life of people very easy.

When these people are buying in large numbers, then problems will also arise in them. Therefore Electronic Repair Shop is one of the very best Business Opportunities nowadays.

4- Blogging Business

(Blogging business)

Blogging is a very good small investment business. If you have a good knowledge of any field and your writing skill is good, as well as if you have a little knowledge of the Internet, then you can adopt Blogging as a business.

You can start it with a low investment of 3000 to 4000 only. Initially you will have to do hard work in blogging but the results will be less good but as you continue this business, you will start getting very good results.

5-  Readymade  Garments

(Readymade  garments  of  Business)

It is  counted as one of the very best Small Scale Business Ideas. Nowadays a trend of Readymade Garments has gone. All people are buying readymade garments made from tailor, not sewn clothes. The specialty of this business is that there is a lot of profit in it. Due to high profit, most people are very fond of this Business Idea.

This is a long term business because the Demand of Readymade Garments will never decrease but will increase in the coming time. For High Profit, it should be kept in mind that whenever you buy Readymade Garments for Business, buy it only from Big Readymade Garments Industry of a big city so that you can get good quality goods at very cheap rate.

6-  Bakery  Business

(Bakery Business)

Bakery is also a very good low investment business. You can start this business easily and by making many types like Biscuit, Bread, Cake, etc., you can earn money. You can contact many Shopkeepers in the market and deliver them from time to time. Also you can give Home Delivery Service if you want.

This business is a Long Term Business. Nowadays Bakery Products are being liked very much. The special thing about Bakery Business is that many types of quality products (Biscuit, Bread, Cake etc.) can be made in one place. This makes Bakery Owner a very good profit.

7-  Book  Store  Business


Book Store is also a very good Small Scale Business that can be done very easily. Nowadays the number of readers on the Internet is increasing a lot but nowadays the number of book readers is also not less. You can keep School Books, Magazine, News Papers etc. on your Book Store.

Also, if you contact a good school in your city to buy Course Books then you can do a very good Profit Earn from your Book Store. If you sell books, magazines etc. for children on your Book Store and also keep Self Help Books, then you can definitely earn very good money.

8-  Event  Management  Business

(Event  manager)

Event Managing is a very good Long Term Business in India. India is considered a country of festivals. People of many religions live here and all consider their own festivals. Apart from festivals, many festivals like weddings, birthdays etc. are celebrated.

Nowadays people have very less time, so people do not prepare for festivals and festivities themselves and give them to the Event Manager. So, Event Management Business is a very good business.

In this business, you have to book orders for Festivals and people have to get their event organized with good service by becoming an Event Manager with the help of their Workers very well.

Whatever expenses you will incur in organizing the event, add your Profit to it. It is a fast growing business nowadays and Profit is also very good in it.

9- Dairy Business

(Dairy business)

Dairy Business is also one of the very best Top Business Ideas. Milk is a product that is used in every household. Also, milk products are also in great demand throughout the year. During festivals, the demand for Milk and Dairy Products suddenly increases a lot. In such a situation, Dairy Business is one of the many Business Opportunities.

You can supply milk to people by doing dairy business, and if you wish, you can also sell products made with milk such as Butter, Ghee, Paneer etc. and increase your earning. Dairy Business is a Profitable Business that you can do both city and village.

10- Mobile Shop Business

(Mobile Shop Business)

Mobile Shop Business has become very fast growing business nowadays. Today, all people have started keeping mobile phones. In the coming future, smart phone business will grow very well.

Earlier Mobile Network Company used to provide very expensive service but ever since  has stepped in, it has become very cheap to call and use Internet. Due to this, suddenly the Demand of Smart Phone has increased a lot. If the Mobile Shop is opened today, it will be a very profitable business.

11-  Freelance  Business

(Freelance business)

Nowadays Freelancing is also becoming a Growing Business as a Best Business. It is one of the modern business ideas of today’s modern age. Many people are now doing Money Earning as Freelancer.

If you are interested in Web Designing, Content Writing, Software Development, Photo Editing, Translation, Logo making etc. then you can become a Professional Freelancer and earn lots of money. Nowadays, many people have opened Freelancing Agencies and are doing Online Earning with this.

On the Internet, you will find many websites like  etc. with which you can do Freelance Business by connecting directly.

12-  Real  Estate  Business

(real estate agent)

By becoming a Real Estate Agent , you can earn a lot of money in today’s time. Nowadays everyone wants to live in their house, that’s why people want to buy a good house. Some people like to take a plot and build a house on it. Just you have to help them as Real Estate Agent.

First of all, you have to prepare a list of properties to be sold in your city. Also you have to open a Real Estate Agency and an Office of it so that people can reach you easily. After this, you have to find the property buyers and introduce them to the people who want to sell the property. Once Deal is done, you will get a good commission from both sides.

13- Dry Vegetable Shop

(Dry vegetable shop)

Dry Vegetable Business is one of the very best Low Investment Business Ideas nowadays. In today’s time, people want to do work that happens very quickly and people also want that they do not have to go to the market every day to get vegetables.

In such a situation, if you open a Dry Vegetable Shop, it will be a very profitable business. If you have some land of your own, then you can make it vegetableable and later by changing it to Dry Vegetable you can do a lot of profit.

14- General Store Business

(General Store Shop)

The General Store Shop is also one of the very best Small Scale Business Ideas. The General Store Shop can be opened in a place where there is a lot of population around. In General Store Business, you can keep daily use goods at home on your shop.

Such General Store Shop does very good Profit Earn. You can also give Home Delivery Service by placing one or two workers at your General Store Shop. In this way, you can grow this small scale industry even more.

15- Nursery Business

(Plant business)

Nursery Business is also one of the very best Small Scale Business. Nowadays everyone is very fond of planting beautiful plants in their home. These plants also enhance the beauty of the house and also give us oxygen. Along with the plants, you can also keep the pots in your nursery.

Nowadays, very beautiful and strong pots of plastic have started coming in, which are so good that people will be ready to pay you the asking price. To plant plants, you should have some land where you can plant beautiful plants and sell them at a good price.

16- Beauty Parlor Business

(Beauty Parlor Shop)

Beauty Parlor is one of the best business ideas for women. This can be done very easily with Low Investment. But for this, it is very important for you to have knowledge of it. For this you can do Beautician Course and after that you can open Beauty Parlor by taking a shop.

Every woman wants to look beautiful nowadays, so the trend of Beauty Parlor Business has increased a lot nowadays. If you want, you can also open Beauty Parlor at your home. During the season of marriage etc., the Earning of those with Beauty Parlor increases a lot. Hence, this can be a Profitable Business for you.

17- Candle Making Business

(Candle making)

Candle Making Business is one of the very best Small Business Ideas nowadays. Today, candles are decorated on festivals, wedding ceremonies and in many festivals. If you make colorful candles or good design candles, you can sell them at very good prices too.

Candle Making Business requires Small Investment and is a Profitable Business. It is one of the good home business ideas. Therefore, you can open this small scale industry at your home as well. If you use Creativity in candle business and prepare it in Well Designing, then you can sell it at a higher price as well.

18- Yoga Classes Business Or Gym

(Yoga classes or gym)

Nowadays, many health clubs are opening in all cities . Earlier people used to like to exercise at their home, but nowadays people are taking very much care of their health, so they want that if exercised under the supervision of a good expert will be very beneficial.

Therefore, people nowadays have started going to the gym or health club, going to yoga class very much. So it would be great for you to open a Health Club.

If you know Yoga then Yoga Classes can be a very good business. In this, you can take Fees from people every month by making them members. It is a very low-cost business ( Business Ideas with Low Investment), which is also very popular nowadays.

19-  Dance  Classes

(Dance classes)

The trend of Dance Classes is increasing a lot these days. If you are a good dancer then you can open a dance center in your home or elsewhere. You need very little investment in this business.

You can earn a lot of money from Dance Classes because people are also paying very good fees for good dance nowadays.

Nowadays, very good programs related to dance come on TV, in which Dance Competition is conducted. Due to this also, people are joining Dance Classes nowadays. You can also learn people dancing by opening a Dance Center.

20- Tuition Classes / Coaching Center

(Tuition Center)

Nowadays joining Tuition Classes is becoming a trend. Due to having more courses in the school, people get their children to join Tuition Classes for Extra Study. Also, nowadays people go to the Coaching Center for the preparation of the competition. This business requires low investment.

If you have very good knowledge of a school subject or can prepare for a competition, then you can earn very good money earning as a tuition teacher. The best thing is that you can teach school children at your home as well.

21-  Interior  Designing  Business

(interior decorator)

Interior Designing is one of the top business ideas of today. Nowadays everyone wants to make their house beautiful. Everyone wants their house to be the most beautiful. You can help such people by becoming an Interior Decorator. You will find interior designing courses in many cities.

You can learn a great deal about Interior Designing by taking a course from them. Nowadays people use Interior Decoration not only for their home but also for their Office and Shop.

22-Catering Business

(Catering Service)

Catering Business is one of the Best Small Scale Business nowadays. In today’s time, people are becoming very busy. If they have a wedding or any celebration, then they cannot give so much time that they can make all their own arrangements. You can help such people by giving a good catering service and you can also earn money for yourself.

For this, you will have to make a Catering Business Plan and prepare a good Food Menu etc. showing your Creativity. For this, you can also open an Office and at the same time get the Catering Business Cards made and give them to the people you know. This will make your catering business grow a lot.

23- Card Printing Business

(Card printing work)

Card Printing Business is very trending business in today’s time. Nowadays, everyone definitely prints the cards at the wedding, on the occasion of birthday or for any function. Apart from this, the trend of Identity Card, Business Card etc. has also increased.

Therefore, if you install a printing machine and have a good knowledge about Card Designing, then you can earn very good money from this business.

24- Toy Shop / Sports Shop

(Toy store / sports shop)

Toy Shop or Sports Shop is one of the very best Small Scale Business Ideas. Children always like toys and they like to play as well. The parents of the children buy the best toys and sports items for their child by making them happy.

So, this Business Idea is one of the best business opportunities for you. You can open such a toy or sports shop from where the children have to come very much. Let me tell you that Profit is also very much in business.

25-  Photography  Business

(Photography work)

Photography Business is becoming very popular business nowadays. Whether people are married, birthday or any other festival, people are very fond of photographing. Therefore, you can book wedding and ceremony orders by adopting Photography Business.

Apart from this, the best income from photography is through internet. You can take a good camera and learn photography, you can make many photos and sell them on the Internet and earn lots of money.

Other Best Low Investment Business Ideas In Hindi

(List Of Business Ideas)

26- Agarbatti Business | Agarbatti Business

27- Travel Agency | Travel agency

28- Job Recruiting Service | Job recruitment service

29- Tea And Coffee Cafe | Tea and Coffee House

30- Fashion Designer | Fashion designer

31- Tiffin Service | Tiffin service

32- Security Agency | Security agency

33- English Spoken Classes | English Speaking Classes

34- Handicrafts Business | Handicraft business

35- Laundry Service | Laundry service

36- Gift Store | Gift Store

37- Courier Services | Courier Service

38- Insurance Agent | Insurance agent

39- Organic Food Store | Organic food service

40- Fashion Boutique | fashion boutique

41- Computer Trainer | Computer trainer

42- Auto Spare Part Store | Auto Spare Part Store

43- Driving School | driving School

44- Chocolate Making Service | Making chocolate

45- Sweet Shop | Sweet Shop

46- Ice Cream Shop | Ice cream shop

47- Vehicle Service Center | Vehicle service center

48- Bag Making Business | Bag making business

49- Juice Shop | Juice shop

50-Bread Making Business | Bread Making Business

51- Share Market Trading | Stock market trading

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