Money Planning Tips Personal Financial Planning Tips

Money Planning Tips Personal Financial Planning Tips

Personal Financial Planning  is a topic in our life that everyone should understand in today’s time. How will our future be in terms of money  ? It depends on how we are doing our personal financial planning today.

Who manages the money (Money Management) learned, there is much more to guarantee that  he will be successful and happy in life.

Personal Financial Tips

I have been thinking for a long time that apart from Success and Motivation, you should be given some Personal Financial Planning Tips .

Personal Financial Planning Tips In Hindi

Today I will give you three such Financial Planning Tips which are also Personal Finance Basics i.e. if you are going to start doing Personal Financial Planning then these tips will work as a strong foundation for you.

Please check these “Personal Finance Tips” Read carefully what your “Personal Financial Planning” will Perfect Start to have a good “Financial Planning In Hindi” to Paange-

1- Pay Yourself First (Pay yourself first)

Pay Yourself First is a rule that can speed up your financial planning. According to Pay Yourself First Rule, whatever is your earning, first of all, save for yourself and spend what you have left.

Whatever money you earn, divide it into two parts. You spend one part and you save the other part. Pay Yourself First Concept tells you that out of what you earn, a certain amount of money which you have already decided, first put it in Saving and spend what is left.

For example, if your Earning is 20,000 rupees a month and you want me to save 20% of that, then the rule of Pay Yourself First tells you that you put 20% of your Earning i.e. 4000 rupees in your saving first. Give, which you can also invest later. And take the money left (16000 rupees) at your expense.

While people make mistakes, they spend the first month and save what is left, this method is wrong. Pay Yourself First Concept tells you to “Save first, then spend” and not “Spend first, then save.” In this way you will be able to make a certain money saving every month very easily.

The concept of Pay Yourself First was first seen in a book named The Richest Man in Babylon , which is later explained by Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad .

Friends, the rule of Pay Yourself First has made very positive changes in my life. You should also adopt it for better financial planning.

2- Invest in different places (Diversification in your Investment)

This method will help you a lot in personal finance. First of all, you do money saving according to the rule of Pay Yourself First.

But for a better financial planning, you do not let your Saving Money remain the same. You invest this Saving Money at the right place.

Here comes the question, are you investing all your Savings in one place or investing in many different places?  Personal Financial Planning Tips advises you not to invest all your money in one place, doing so increases the risk a lot. If there is a loss, you will not be able to recover and all your dreams will be shattered.

Therefore you are advised to invest your money in different places. By doing this, there is diversification of investment and your risk is greatly reduced. If you have loss in one place, then your money remains safe in the rest of the place.

For example, if you save 4000 rupees every month and invest all the money in one Mutual Fund, then doing so greatly increases your risk. You have to do Diversification of your investment here .

If you invest your 1000 rupees in one good Mutual Fund and invest 1000 rupees in another good Mutual Fund and open RD of 1000 of the remaining 2000 rupees and 1000 rupees you invest elsewhere. If you give, then you reduce your risk greatly by investing in different places.

Warren Buffett , the magician of Share Market , also adopts the same method. You must also adopt this method. 

3- Must keep more than one Source of Income

One of the very important tips of Personal Financial Planning teaches you that if you keep only one source of your earning, you will never be able to do a Successful Financial Planning.

This will be because you are only earning money from one place . Therefore, if you will not be able to earn more money, you will not be able to make more money savings . And when you are not able to save more money, then you will not be able to make much money investment .

Therefore, you should adopt the path of multiple source of income , that is, you should make ways to earn money from many places, rather than earning money from only one place. For this, you should do that by earning an Earnings with your Active Income and for the remaining Source of Income, you can adopt Passive Income.

What is Active and Passive Income? For this you can read our article – “Do you want to be a millionaire?”

For example, if you do a job somewhere, then it is a source of your income. Now you can do blogging along with the job or you can become a You Tuber. If you want, you can also do a Small Business. All these will be your other source of income.

With these multiple sources of income, you can make very good money earning. Nowadays many people are getting rich by adopting this method. You too can adopt this method of financial planning and move towards a better future.

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