How is a Diamond Formed and How to Identify a Real Diamond?


How is a Diamond Formed and How to Identify a Real Diamond?

Diamonds have been a symbol of majestic opulence and luxury in India for centuries; They have been the center of business for thousands of years. The Romans called them ‘Tears of God’. India has not been the world’s leading diamond producer since the 1700s, yet diamond mining continues in India. In 2013, India’s largest Only 37,515 carats of diamonds were mined in industrial mines and several smaller mines, less than one-tenth of one percent of the world’s 132.9 million carats produced that year.

Many people say that the world’s first diamond was discovered 4000 years ago in the glittering sands of the riverbank in the Golconda region of India (modern Hyderabad). The industrial city of Surat in western India is home to 92% of the world’s diamonds Cutting and polishing work is done and this work has provided employment to about 500,000 people in the world.

What is a diamond made of?

Diamond is a transparent gemstone. It is chemically the purest form of carbon, there is absolutely no adulteration in it, if diamond is heated in an oven at 763 ° C, it burns to form carbon dioxide and there is no ash left at all, thus diamonds Composed of 100% carbon. Diamond is chemically inert and insoluble in all solutes. Its relative density is 3.51.

How to distinguish real and fake diamonds?

According to research by the Gemological Institute of America, diamonds from the very depths are chemically pure and are amazingly transparent. It is very difficult to tell the difference between natural diamonds and factory made diamonds. Only with a special tool. Diamonds are identified, however, the following ways can also be used to identify genuine and fake diamonds.

You put the diamond on the newspaper and try to read the letters from across it. If you see crooked lines, it means that your diamond is fake.
III. If you look at the diamond in ultraviolet rays, then if that diamond shines with a blue glow then the diamond is real. But if a light yellowish green or grayish aura emerges from the diamond, then understand that it is Moisa Knight.
IV. Real diamond sinks as soon as it is put in water whereas fake diamond floats on water.

The temperature and pressure of this reactor are exactly the same as that of the Earth’s womb, at about 3,000 °C and a pressure of 50,000 atmosphere, graphite begins to form diamond. It takes 82 hours to make a diamond by this method, in this time a small piece of diamond becomes a raw diamond It is separated by putting it in a solution of acid.
Where are the diamond mines in India?

Diamond mines are found in India in Panna and Bunder Project (Madhya Pradesh) and Kollur mine, Golconda (Andhra Pradesh). The famous diamond named Kohinoor came out from the famous mine of Golconda which is now the crown of Queen Victoria of Britain. is embellishing.

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