Vicious Manish keeps changing base in Nepal-Bihar, Crime Branch is unable to trace his calls

Extortion case: Vicious Manish keeps changing base in Nepal-Bihar, Crime Branch is unable to trace his calls

Vicious Manish has called a petrol pump operator in Varanasi and asked for extortion of Rs 10 lakh. There is also a reward of two lakh rupees on it. He is wanted in many districts of Purvanchal.

Manish Singh Sonu, a prized crook of two lakh, resident of Narottampur in Lanka police station area, wanted in murder, extortion and Sarafa looting scandal in Varanasi, Mirzapur, Azamgarh, has once again sparked sensation. Notorious for extortion, Manish Singh, a resident of Khasila village in Kapasethi, Varanasi, has a prize of two lakh.

Petrol pump operator has demanded extortion of ten lakh rupees.

Crime Branch is also unable to trace the threatening phone received from the Internet number. According to crime branch sources, Manish Singh Sonu is very infamous and vicious.

Through the mobile app, he calls and interacts, so as not to get caught. He resides in Nepal and Bihar to escape the police. On August 28, 2020, Manish Singh Sonu killed indiscriminately firing two people, including the History Stationer Abhishek, Prince of Cantt Police Station in Chaukaghat area. Sonu then had a reward of one lakh, which was later increased to two lakhs. According to the district police, at present there are more than 27 criminal cases against Manish.
Petrol pump owner told to bear the brunt
In Varanasi, a petrochemical pump operator, Manish Singh Sonu, a reward of two lakhs, has demanded extortion of ten lakh rupees. The petrol pump operator has filed a lawsuit, threatening to face the consequences for not paying extortion money. Safety of Petrop pump operator located at Khasila under Kapasethi police station has been increased. The security of the merchant has been increased after meeting with the Additional SP Gramin. Crime branch teams, including the Kapasethi police station, are on the lookout for two lakh prize crores Manish Singh Sonu, notorious for murder, attempt to murder and extortion. There is a petrol pump as well as operator’s poultry farm in Khasila village.

On May 13, the businessman got a call from the number of the Internet app. The caller said, give one million rupees. After this, the phone was disconnected. A few times I got a call from the same number to give a million rupees or else be ready to bear the consequences.

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