Ex-MLA expressed displeasure over misconduct

Chandauli On Tuesday, a former MLA of Sayedaraja and National Secretary of SP, Manoj Singh W reached out with the workers on the complaint of non-purchase of wheat at the wheat purchasing center operated in Naveen Mandi campus. Annoyed at the purchase center by seeing the misconduct. He spoke to the DM and sought to speed up the procurement of wheat from the farmers in view of the weather’s indifference, along with eliminating the miseries prevailing at the center.

The former MLA said that at the wheat purchasing center in Naveen Mandi, farmers have been keeping their produce under the open sky for weeks before to save their produce. But wheat is not procured. Wheat is also drenched due to rain. Due to this, farmers have to take issue. Farmer Yogendra Singh complained that on May 13, bring wheat to sell. At the same time, the token was received on 14 May, but till date wheat has not been procured. Farmer Sachchidanand Singh said that even after bringing wheat on May 15, it has not been weighed yet. The former MLA warned that if the purchase of wheat from farmers did not accelerate, then the workers would be forced to protest.

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