Male activists demanded one million compensation to those who died from Corona chandauli

Sisters. The Communist Party of India, Male, celebrated the day of the protest on Monday in protest against the continued death and negligence of Corona. Male activists protested at the office in Ranepur shouting slogans.
Male leader Shravan Kushwaha said that in the fifth largest economy of the world, people are dying yearning for lack of oxygen. Sarvan Kushwaha said that amidst this terrible tragedy, black marketing of medicines from oxygen is going on. The speakers demanded a compensation of one million rupees to the families considering all the deaths from the corona within three months, and to take responsibility of the orphaned children in the corona period from the government. Rajesh Maurya, Rahul, Urmila, Anil Yadav, Shravan Kushwaha were present on the occasion.


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