Oxygen plant started in district hospital chandauli

Chandauli Pandit Kamlapati Tripathi Joint District Hospital of the district received the gift of oxygen plant on Monday. It was launched by MLC Arvind Sharma. During this, apart from Divisional Commissioner Varanasi Deepak Agarwal and District Magistrate Sanjeev Singh, regional MLA Sadhana Singh was also present.
This oxygen plant built in collaboration with entrepreneurs Gautam Chaudhary and Vipin Aggarwal of Ramnagar Industrial Area Chandauli was dedicated to Pandit Kamalapati Government Hospital. Oxygen support will be provided to 80 beds from the 400 lpm capacity oxygen plant. With the commissioning of this plant, the corona patients in the district will be able to protect their lives by providing oxygen in case of any contingenchis oxygen plant has been set up in the MCH wing of Pandit Kamalapati Tripathi State Hospital. Commissioner Deepak Aggarwal said that with the setting up of an oxygen plant, there will be a considerable amount of convenience in meeting the demand of oxygen in the district. Chief Development Officer Ajitendra Narayan, Chief Medical Officer Dr. VP Dwivedi, DC MNREGA Dharmajit Singh, Deputy Commissioner Industries Gaurav Mishra were present on the occasion.
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Alert to prevent corona infection:
force on providing medical kit to patients with mandibular symptoms
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Chandauli MLC AK Sharma and Varanasi divisional commissioner Deepak Aggarwal held a meeting with officers at the collectorate on Monday to know the progress of prevention and preparedness from corona infection. The Mandalayukta stressed on preventing infection and developing means of treatment. The officers were also asked to be vigilant.
During the meeting, DM Sanjeev Singh informed that five hospitals of L-Two level are operated in the district. These hospitals have 33 ventilators and adequate beds. It is said that so far a total of 9235 medical kits have been distributed among patients. While at Tehsil level, the team of officers is monitoring the kit distribution and testing process. Divisional commissioner Deepak Aggarwal said that more people should get RTPCR test done, officials were alert to thwart the possible third web of Corona. He said that all necessary preparations should be made in the hospitals by making them a pediatric ward. MLC AK Sharma said that the railway stations should also ensure the screening of passengers. During this period MLA Sadhana Singh, CDO Ajitendra Narayan, CMO Dr. BP Dwivedi, ADM Atul Kumar, Joint Magistrate Ramya Ramraj, ACMO Dr. DK Singh,

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