250 quintal wheat of farmers drenched due to negligence of officials

Chandauli Due to the negligence of the district administration, thousands of quintal wheat has been kept under open sky at the purchasing centers. Due to the rain on Tuesday, more than two and a half quintals of wheat has been drenched in the Naveen Mandi Samiti located at the headquarters. But no officer came to listen to the grief of the farmers on the spot. Farmers too were seen tearing down on their luck in despair.
A total of 50 purchasing centers have been set up to purchase wheat from farmers. In which procurement is being done smoothly at 40 purchasing centers. But the purchase speed is very slow. Due to this, farmers are spending more than a week waiting for their turn. At the same time, farmers are waiting to place the produce at the purchasing centers for weighing. The rain on Tuesday morning exposed all the claims of the officers.

The condition of the purchasing centers located in the Naveen Mandi committee was being created. Here hundreds of quintals of wheat were drenched due to being kept in the open sky. Farmers like this tried to save the produce with the help of tarpaulin, but they did not get success due to waterlogging. Apart from this, there was a lack of proper arrangement at the purchasing centers of Chakia, Chahania, Shahabganj and Barahni areas. However, there was no damage at these centers due to non-exit of farmers’ produce. Wheat was drenched in the rains even ten days ago. After which the officials had said that further arrangements will be made but due to no arrangement, the wheat was drenched in rain on Tuesday.
In this regard, Mandi Secretary Rajesh Kumar Verma said that the problem is being faced due to non-lifting of purchased wheat. But there is no loss due to not having strong rain.
Former MLA expressed displeasure
Chandauli SP National Secretary and former MLA Syedraja Manoj Singh W Tuesday, to know the condition of the wheat purchasing center located in the Mandi campus. Resentment when wheat was soaked During this, he met the in-charge of the purchasing center running in the Mandi campus and inquired about the purchase and discussed the purchase with the farmers. Where the farmers had complained that there was complete irregularity in the procurement of wheat. On this, he negotiated with District Magistrate Sanjeev Singh and demanded a solution to the problems.

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