Oxygen machine trial in district joint hospital

Chakia. Serious patients admitted to the district joint hospital will not be short of oxygen. The trial was conducted on Tuesday after the Ministry of Health installed an oxygen generating machine in the District Joint Hospital. Everything got OK in the trial.
Generator room has been constructed at a cost of 8 lakhs. Chakia District Joint Hospital has 100 beds in the major hospitals of the district. In which 30 beds of General Category and 75 beds for Level 2 Hospitals of Kovid-19 are equipped with Oxygen System. It has oxygen facilities on all the rails. In view of the corona outbreak, an oxygen product machine has been installed here. The machine has been installed by Everestin Company of Delhi. About 50 oxygen cylinders are consumed daily in the District Joint Hospital. At this time, the hospital has been completely converted into Kovid-19. The construction of the building was completed in the month of January itself. According to company employee Sagar, an oxygen production machine will produce 100 liters of oxygen in one minute. Two tanks of five hundred liters are being installed to store oxygen. Arrangements will also be made to send direct oxygen to the hospital bed through an oxygen generator machine. He said that on Tuesday, the machine was tried by starting with electric current. The leakage of the pipe is being investigated. When OK is received, it will be commissioned and handed over to the hospital. CMS of the District Joint Hospital, Dr. Ashok Singh said that the hospital’s patients will get the facility through the oxygen generator machine.

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