Raja Rani Coupon Result 25 June 2021 Today Result updated daily

Raja Rani Coupon Result 25.6 2021 Today Result updated daily

Raja Rani Coupon Result 25.6 2021 Today: Raja Rani Coupon Result 2021 is the result sought by all those who have purchased Raja Rani Coupons and have vested interest in it. If you are also searching for Raja Rani lottery result then you have come to the right place.

Raja Rani Coupon Result Today – 22/06/2021

Get Updated Raja Rani Coupon Result Here. Coupon holders of this lottery are inquiring about Raja Rani Coupons result. This is a lottery in which many people have a vested interest, especially in the states where this lottery is being played actively. Raja Rani lottery results have been declared multiple times per day and each of these coupon draws have been given a different name. Updated Raja Rani lottery result for today 22/06/2021 is given below

draw time result name of coupon
8:30 am 41 Rajrani first claim
9:00 am 46 Rajrani Subahi
9:30 am 25 Rajrani Kiran
10:00 am 96 Rajrani Hindustan


Raja Rani Coupons Bihar Jharkhand

As stated earlier, Raja Rani lottery has multiple draws in a day and these draws start with the first coupon draw of this lottery which happens at 8:30 am. If you were also wondering about Raja Rani Lottery Coupons Result then you have come to the right place because this is the place where you will get the Coupons Result for this lottery.


Raja Rani Lottery Result

The lottery result of this lottery will be updated as soon as the draw is made for the coupon at that time. For example once a draw for a lot is done at 8:30 AM, the coupon results for that draw are declared, as soon as the draw is done for 10:00 AM, the coupon results for that coupon are declared. go. This lottery lasts till the end which is at 6:00 PM. All these results will be updated on this page as soon as the draw is done and the results will be declared which will make it easier for you to get the Raja Rani lottery results.

How to play Raja Rani Coupon Game?

If you wanted to participate and play in Raja Rani Lottery and wondering how to go about it then you have come to the right place as this article will guide you through the process of the same. All those who want to participate in this lottery have to buy lottery ticket of Raja Rani lottery game. You also need to make sure that you are clear about the time for which you are buying the ticket. There will be a number on this ticket. A number will be announced when the lottery results for this lottery are announced. You have to check whether the declared number matches with the number of your ticket. If it matches then you have won the lottery. To check the declared number you can visit our page where Raja Rani lottery results are declared in time wise.

Result Timing of Raja Rani Coupons

As stated earlier, there are coupon draws in this lottery several times a day and thus the results declared for this lottery also vary at different times throughout the day. The first draw of this lottery starts at 8:30 am and continues till 6:00 pm. Each of these draws takes place once in half an hour from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. There are about twenty draws in a day whose results are declared simultaneously. The timing of each draw in this lottery is given below

8:30 am – first draw

9:00 AM – Second Draw

9:30 am – 3rd draw

10:00 AM – Fourth Draw

10:30 am – 5th draw

11:00 am – 6th draw

11:30 am – 7th draw

12:00 PM – Eighth Draw

12:30 PM – Ninth draw

01.00 PM – Tenth Draw

01.30 PM – Eleventh Draw

02.00 PM – Twelfth Draw

02.30 PM – Thirteenth Draw

03.00 PM – Fourteenth Draw

03.30 PM – Fifteenth Draw

04.00 PM – Sixteenth Draw

04.30 PM – Seventeenth Draw

05.00 PM – Eighteenth Draw

05.30 PM – Nineteenth Draw

06.00 PM – Twentieth Draw

raja rani coupon name

Each of these draws has a different name which makes it easier for the gamer to get the result and not get confused with the results. The purpose of naming these draws and giving a different name to each of these draws was to make things easier for those interested in this lottery. Coupon names for Raja Rani lottery are given below

  • king queen first grandfather
  • Rajarani Subahi
  • queen queen
  • Rajarani Hindustani
  • Rajarani Prabha
  • king queen awesome
  • queen emperor
  • Rajarani Deluxe
  • king queen nun
  • Rajarani King
  • Rajarani Royal
  • Queen Millennium
  • princess hundred
  • king daimondo
  • royal gold
  • Rajarani Express
  • Rajarani Spicel
  • royal treaty
  • Rajarani Chandni
  • Rajarani Shami

How to get Raja Rani Coupon Result Chart?

You can get this lottery result chart here on this website. But you can also visit the official website for Raja Rani Results. Follow the steps given below to get the coupon result chart for Raja Rani lottery.

  • Go to the official website of this lottery
  • Here select the date for which you want the result chart
  • Next you have to select show
  • This will fetch the Raja Rani lottery result for the day chosen by you

Things to remember while playing the role of Raja Rani

There are a few things you should keep in mind while participating or playing in the Raja Rani lottery. When buying lottery tickets make sure you are aware of the time for which you have purchased the lottery and the name of the lottery to ensure that you get the result correct and that you are not confused. Check this website for the results which will be posted as soon as the result is declared. Make sure you double check the number on your ticket and the number declared and if you win make sure you claim the prize.

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