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Who is Sikkim State Lottery?

According to the Sikkim State Lottery Regulation Act (1998) of the Government of India, a Sikkim State Lottery can be called a scheme in which the participating people by buying tickets are given a chance to win a prize together. i.e. in any such game to be called a Sikkim State Lottery

# It is necessary for a lot of people to participate together.

# Purchase and sale of tickets is necessary.

Live Lottery Sambad Today 3.7.2021 Result
Board Name
Sikkim State Lottery Sambad & Nagaland State Lottery Sambad
Draw Code
31, 31 & 131
Draw Name
Dear Morning, Dear Evening, and Dear Night
First Prize
Rs. 1,00,00,000
Result date
Result Time
11:55 AM, 4 PM, and 8 PM
Result Status

Lotteries are illegal in India. Then how is it played in some states?

Sikkim State Lottery Regulation Act (1998) is applicable in India. This act clearly prohibits playing lotteries. But there is a discount in this. If the state governments want to run their official lotteries, they can do so. For this, certain conditions have to be fulfilled. like-

# No prize will be given on the basis of any number already announced or on any single digit. 

# The state government will put its logo on the Sikkim State Lottery ticket in such a way that its validity can be proved. 

# The state government will either sell the tickets themselves or through the registered distributor or sales agents. 

# The money from the sale of Sikkim State Lottery tickets will be credited to the public account of the state. 

# The draw of all the lotteries will be done by the state government. 

# If the reward amount is not claimed within the time limit announced by the state government, or the biggest prize is not released in anyone's name, then it will become the property of the state government. 

# The place of draw will be decided in the border of the same state where the Sikkim State Lottery is held. 

# Any Sikkim State Lottery will have only one draw in a week. More than that is not allowed.

# The time of draw will be decided by the state government and all the draws will be done at the same time. 

# No Sikkim State Lottery can have more than six bumper draws in a year. 

# If the central government brings any instructions related to this, then it will be followed. The central government also has full authority to give instructions to the state governments in this regard.

In which states are lotteries legal?

Lotteries are not banned in the whole country. The states where you are allowed to play the Sikkim State Lottery are:

Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Mizoram. Earlier Sikkim State Lottery was played in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu also, now there is a ban there too. Now suppose you are from Uttar Pradesh. But you have bought the Kerala Sikkim State Lottery. Your reward is out. So you have to go there and give original ticket and your ID proof to collect your prize. Government Bank, or Registered Ticket Vendor. The time limit is 30 days after the draw is over. The ban is on the sellers. They cannot sell Sikkim State Lottery tickets outside the state. But if you are buying, then there is no such restriction on you.

Is it a crime to play the Sikkim State Lottery online?

Direct answer: No. There are many sites that can give you a chance to play international lotteries. But no one can guarantee that all these sites are legitimate. Many times, cases of money fraud have also come to the fore. Many legitimate international online Sikkim State Lottery sites offer the option to buy tickets through agents. After that, if the prize comes out, you can do so by taking the documents to claim it. But you will have to pay the tax that will be levied on it.

Sikkim State Lottery worth Rs. accept it. So have you become a millionaire?

straight answer. No. Sikkim State Lottery money is considered part of your income. It is counted in the income from other sources (ie income from other sources). Under the Income Tax Act 1961, any prize won in Sikkim State Lottery or game show will be taxed. Flat 30 percent. Since this is a special income, no basic exemption will be available in this. If the prize money is more than 10 lakhs, then surcharge will also be applicable on it. That is, you won one crore rupees. Out of that, thirty lakhs went to income tax. Then ten percent extra surcharge will also be deducted. Taxes like Education CESS and Higher Education CESS will be deducted. The responsibility of deducting all these taxes lies with the organization from which you are winning the prize. So in total you will get a little more than sixty lakhs. Your second income will not be added to this. If you do a job, then you will also have to pay the amount of tax deducted from your salary.

Can it happen after winning the Sikkim State Lottery that you do not get money?

scared? Imagine you come to know that your Sikkim State Lottery of one million has been won. You are making plans out of happiness. Sitting in your new car, you reach the Sikkim State Lottery office dreaming of going on a road trip. Going there you come to know, sorry brother. This time there is a problem, you will not get the money

This can happen as well. are done.

Year 1992-93. Till then the Lotteries Act had not come. A person named Subhash Kumar Manwani bought a Sikkim State Lottery ticket in Madhya Pradesh. won. But he was refused the money. When the case went on this, and it was said that since the raffle committee by which the ticket was sold had permission from the Madhya Pradesh government, this Sikkim State Lottery was not illegal. The division bench of Justices Dharmadhikari and Shukla was hearing the matter. In his decision in 1999, he said that the prize or promise given in the Sikkim State Lottery is like a gambling bet. Therefore, any agreement made under it is not valid. In the Indian Contract Act 1872 it is written,

Agreements made to wager are void (any wager or agreement made on gambling bets is void). No legal suit can be filed for the winning prize in any bet or for getting it removed from any person/entity. No person can be compelled to accept the result of this bet or bet.

However, in 2014, a case came up in the Kerala High Court when the ticket buyer was denied money saying that he was not a resident of Kerala. And he did not even give any proof of his arrival in Kerala. Hence he cannot claim the reward. But the High Court rejected the arguments of the Sikkim State Lottery winners. And pronounced the decision to give money to that person. However, there is also a hitch in this case that questions were raised not about the Sikkim State Lottery money, but about the process related to it, and the case was registered.

If anyone is found contravening the law of Sikkim State Lottery, he can be punished with imprisonment of up to two years and fine, or both.

So definitely see the golden dreams of Sikkim State Lottery. But definitely understand its reality, and its advantages and disadvantages.

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